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Ok, I decided my bio wasn't nearly long enough, so I'm gonna ramble on here for a while. My name's Erin, I'm 15 (nearly 16!), and I live in the most boring place there is in the US, so I was forced to resort to writing and reading fanfic for entertainment! My favorite stuff to read and write is Dark Angel and Harry Potter, but I tend to be more towards the Dark Angel side of things. I was addicted to the show when it was on and I didn't discover fanfic until it was over, but I'm making up for lost time. I'm also waiting like crazy for the next Harry Potter book!

On Dark Angel, I prefer M/L but all my fics so far have been about original characters. I happen to like BOTH Logan and Alec, and I must be one of the few hiding fans of White. I find character bashing of anyone on the show to be annoying, if you don't like the character then find a way to avoid putting them in the story.

As for Harry Potter, I'm nuts about anything with Draco, but especially about Draco/Ginny. Draco/Hermione is okay if the writing is good, and Draco/Harry is just gross, I am NOT a slash fan. Snape is probably my next favorite character, it seems I'm really big on the bad guys. It just seems weird though when people pair him with someone because I don't view him as having a dark side, but that's just me.

Right now I'm writing Zack's Penny and An Act Of Love, but I seem to have writer's block when it comes to AAOL, so I'm thinking of deleting it and reposting at a later time when I'm not so busy with my DA fics! That could be a while, because I plan on doing 2 more DA fics for sure: a third (and hopefully final!) part of the Kay series and an M/L fic from Logan's point of view. It'll pretty much be a new second season.

Definitely take a look at my Favorite Authors list, there's some really talented writers in there!