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"I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die."
Isaac Asimov

Name's Sunna, and I'm a 17 year old senior from the wonderfully exciting city of Houston, TX (note extreme sarcasm). Ha. I live to write, I don't know any other real purpose for me in life... I plan on writing on the side as I go into International Relations next year and I have to admit I'm psyched to have finally decided on what I want to go into. I'm a history buff too, so a minor in European History is looking really attractive right about now :). I'm only a senior in high school and yet I feel it necessary to have my college career mapped out, lol.

I got sucked into the HP fic world through Cassie's Draco trilogy (which I adore) and have, over a few months since then, become hopelessly devoted to the art. I thought I should try my hand at it, I really had noting to lose, and I'm grateful that I had enough courage to do so. ITD has been a rebirth for me as a writer.

I dig GG fiction as well, especially Trory. It's the only show I keep up with regularly so it was only natural I get into the fiction of it, too.

FYI: IMPORTANT. Chapter 15 will be delayed until the second week of February. I had a sudden change of plot idea and there's no way I'm going to let it up without rewriting! Sorry for the delay, hope everyone's excited about Book 5!

"I ask but this - again to rove
Through scenes my youth hath known before.
Few are my years, and yet I feel
The world was ne'er designed for me..."

'I Would I Were A Careless Child' - Lord Byron