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Hmmm... It occurred to me that I can actually update this thing on occasion. So hi again! Fitz is going out of the way (sort of) to put some actual information here.

My current story: My Life
Unfinished stories: First Impressions and Life Happened--this one is on hold indefinitely. Unfortunately for this story, I have too many other ideas that refuse to be ignored.

Everything else is complete. (Yes, Rurouni Confessions is a One-shot, and I will not be writing any continuations on it. Sorry.)

Anyhoo, as we can all see, I'm rather into the Rurouni Kenshin bit right now. I like a lot of other series, but this one inspires me. ^_^

Feel free to drop a line, read a fic, or just ignore me completely. I'm a fragile soul, so be civil.
Sano: *pokes Fitz*
Fitz: *shatters*
Yeah. Be happy, all!