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11/4/2010: So I tried last night to post Chapter 10 to The Famed and the Fallen and was planning on introducing something pretty dramatic that Trista was going to go through having to do with a not quite socially acceptable addiction. However, when I noticed it wasn't showing up as an updated story I went in and saw that the chapter, including chapter 9 which I had revised and added a little intro to this "problem" was removed due to parental controls. Needless to say I was very disappointed because now the story will not be going in the direction I had wanted it to. So I am going to try to figure out a way to make it so that it is just as upsetting and dramatic without putting the addiction in. Sorry to disappoint if it's less than stellar but I'll do my best. :(

10/29/2010: I have just revised the first 7 chapters of The Famed and the Fallen (previously entitled The Play that Changed it All) and have posted a new chapter. Enjoy!

Frozen: I am having trouble deciding what to do with this one and plan to revise it all soon and get to work on it. But in the meantime, you start with Vincent Corrigan, a very dangerous and powerful man who is strolling the streets of the city he pretty much owns one fine day and sees the dirt stained face of Nydia as she kneels on the ground, hands bound behind her, while a couple of guards harass her. He learns she had been captured for the attempted assassination of Hannash, a local powerhouse. He decides to buy her and later questions his own motives as she proves to be a bit more difficult to keep under control than he had planned. But that's assassins for you--so damn tricky to keep a hold on. Their chemistry sparks from the beginning, but he is frozen to the quick and she is closed off because of a number of horrible things that had befallen her not so distant past.

After the Rain: Deserae is your typical sarcastic teenager: two annoying little sisters, two lovey dovey parents, a wild and controversial but popular best friend, and a boyfriend in a band. The only thing that separated her from her peers was the tragic fact that her older brother Xander had died not too long ago...her condensed reality is shattered when her parents take in a "friend of the family" while she is away with her best friend for the summer. To her unpleasant surprise, he just happens to be 18, with heavy steel toed boots, a Harley, and an eye for her best friend?...

The Famed and the Fallen previously The Play that Changed it All: I'm surprised at how popular this got. But then again it is a bit of a cliche story, and cliches always get all the attention. But I love these characters to death nevertheless. So, Trista comes from a pretty dark background that no one knows about because she has this problem opening up to people. And they pretty much stay away from her because she has this other problem where she punches them in the face...Jake is popular but isolated and eventually gets assigned to be Trista's math tutor. With so much time and frustration together, not to mention a bit of alcohol stolen from the good ole parental unit's stash, they start to open up to each other and see they had more in common than they would have ever dreamed. But what happens when Trista meets the hot bad boy Thomas in detention? How will Jake take Trista's little crush? Especially when she kind of starts a downward spiral that does no one any good?

Shadow Warriors: currently being revised. (much of it is lost, however)

The Prey and the Predator: story removed due to my upcoming attempts to publish it

Anyway that's the end of my mini-bio. I'd love to hear from anyone who is a fan or wants to complain about my stories. so everyone feel free to private message me.

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