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Hey! I'm Karissa, seventeen years of age (almost 18!! WOO!), and I live in Shiloh/O'Fallon/Belleville, IL. And I'm not explaining that at the moment. ^_^ Lots of stuff I like (including snow, which is currently falling outside and has been since 2AM last night... YAY!), and I write/have written Digimon and Harry Potter (not on this site though, I don't think) fics... would REALLY like to write something Inuyasha, but I just have art on that series at the moment. ^_^ Very much one of the only female otakus (anime fanatic) I've ever met in person. One of many online. ^_^

Current project: "Spirit Sojourn" - apocalyptic, Christian story. ^^ You have been warned. I'm not really sure WHAT genre to put it in... it's got a bit of everything except action/adventure (yet. It WILL have it soon.) I even have an editor for this one, that's exciting ^_^ Many thanks and apologies to TK Takaishi, as I've taken forever on getting another chapter out... ^^;; *SEE NOTE AT BOTTOM.*

Okay, that's enough. ^_^
Kari :)

~*~NOTE~*~ -- Answering some people that have asked me why I haven't continued Spirit Sojourn, I don't know when I'll get another chapter out... my workload just keeps piling higher and higher. As I'm preparing to go to college next year, I won't have much time to write. No, I have not lost interest in it... quite the opposite. But I just don't have the *time*. I will keep working on it as much as I can throughout this next year and following, and post when I have the chance and get things edited and HTMLed and such. Those that are waiting for the next chapter and are on my mailing list, rest assured that you will be alerted when each new chapter is posted. Anyone desiring to be on that mailing list, email me (kelyseb@) and I'll be happy to let you know whenever I get a new chapter posted. Thank you for your patience with me during this time. (Special thanks to my editor, who's going crazy waiting for a new chapter, I'm sure... queen of making people wait, that's me. ^^;;)