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Howdy! I'm assuming that since you clicked on my profile that you're planning on reading SOMETHING of mine! *hint hint* If you do read something, please review! Here's some info about myself:

Name: *mumbles incoherently*
Penname: Malena
Age: 14
Home: Alaska
Number of stories written: 8 (soon to be 9)
Favorite story written: Harry Potter and the Dueling Master, and Dimelo
Least favorite story written: Harry Potter and the Snake Keeper (I wrote it in 4 hours, and it sucks)
Favorite authors: You can just go click on the magic button below this to see.
Favorite stories: *See above*
Favorite books: Harry Potter (duh) and The Body of Christopher Creed
Favorite Food: Orange Creamsicles
Favorite color: Ruby red
What's next?: Well, I'm currently working on the Alternate Version of Harry Potter and the Dueling Master. I also have been working on a *new* story that is tentatively called, "Oh the Places You'll Go..." it's an Alternate Universe story, but you're going to have to read it to find out what it's really about *grins* I hope that you enjoy my stories, and as always please review!