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I'm a girl from England, but I live in Australia, and have done for the past four years.
I like pairing Ginny Weasley with most of the males from HP, excluding Tom Riddle/Voldemort.
I also love Snape!!

Fav pairings: Rl/SS, GW/SS, HP/SS, DM/GW.

The sequel to To Insanity and Back Again has been written by the wonderful Merusa. You can find the fic at:

THIS IS A CHALLENGE!!!! The best of each of these stories will be announced on my profile, and put in my Fav Stories list. These stories mostly deal with SLASH of the HP/SS variety. You have been warned.

Also, some of these plots are not entirely original, but with enough imagination, these stories can be totally different. I have put up these challenges in the hope that we can all see some excellent Fan Fiction, with good plots, amidst the most of the dung that is floating around!! (If you need your stories Beta’d, just email me.)

In the summary of your fic, please put ‘Stormyfire’s challenge #... ’, so that I know whether to judge it or not!

Challenge #1:
Severus Snape is coerced by Dumbledore into checking in on Harry Potter at the Dursley’s over his 6th or 7th year summer (your choice). He finds a ‘situation’ (up to your imagination), and has to deal with it, either by taking Harry to his home, Hogwarts, or spending the remainder of the summer with him at the Dursley’s.
They eventually develop a relationship, yadda yadda yadda, you know the drill.
This should end up a SLASH story. If you want to up the rating to NC-17, that’s fine. Just email me the address of the site the story’s on, or even email me the story.
Extra challenge: Involve leather!!! [Couldn’t resist! c”,)]

Criteria (for both):
Plot Development: Remember, I have only given you a very vague outline! DO NOT RUSH IT!

Realism: Is Professor Snape in character? Is Harry? Has Sirius yelled at both of them enough?!

Challenge #2:
Harry is a Professor (of your choice) at Hogwarts. He has a dangerous, life-threatening condition (up to your imagination) that there is no cure of, as of yet. Alternately, he is poisoned. When Professor Snape discovers this, he sets out to find a cure. Must involve Harry being in the Hospital Wing at least once.
This should be a SLASH story!
Extra challenge: Professor Snape has to perform mouth-to-mouth/CPR on Harry. It is up to you to tell us how he learnt it, and why he performs it instead of a resuscitation spell or giving Harry a potion.

If you are stuck, need help, have a question or want some suggestions, feel free to email me (email is on my profile).