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NOTICE: Updated October 28, 2009

Prior to today, I hadn't posted anything to fictionpress in over three years. I didn't really intend to start using this site again; I don't think any of the writing I have up here is actually bad, but at the same time, I almost don't want to associate my recent writing with some of the stuff that is still on this account. At the same time, I refuse to delete anything. So here I am. I'm posting again. I'm mostly posting my more ridiculous short fiction, and not any of the longer fiction I am working on or intend to work on. I'm using fictionpress again, but we'll see how that goes.

I also got a ficwad account several years back. It's mostly the same stuff on here, minus the things that really don't fit yet I didn't want to delete, and plus the things from my old account, when I was trying to separate my fantasy from my slash (which is now impossible, since a lot of my stories contain both.)

Ficwad Account: http:///viewuser.php?uid=4005

And that's it for now, really.

General Info: Updated October 28, 2009

As far as personal information goes, I know that everyone is curious about authors they actually LIKE -- I mean, if someone writes really well, often you want to get to know them. However, I don't exactly have a "fan base," so I won't waste my time writing about "me in a nutshell" (look at my ego soar! sarcasm). For information about me, check out my livejournal. I am a college student, though, which can have a pretty big impact on my writing, at times.

LiveJournal: http:///

I also used to have a section of my profile dedicated to explaining which of my stories I’d most like people to read. In cleaning up my profile, I decided that the section was redundant. I write primarily slash (homosexual) romance, of both the m/m and f/f varieties, in addition to a shitload of fantasy. I also LIKE science fiction and writing having to do with "psychism," "the paranormal," or “the supernatural,” although I RP these ideas more than I write them individually. All of my recent writing falls into one of these categories.

In addition, I used to have four stories uploaded here that were not entirely written by me. They were very old round robin stories written in middle school, and I took them down so that the writing showcased here would be mine and mine alone. Aside from those stories, I’ve never taken anything down from, and while I’m revising “Elemental Shadows” and the accompanying side-stories, I’m now happy with all of the writing I’ve uploaded to

An addendum to that. I do think the writing is decent, especially considering my age when some of these stories were written. I'm twenty now. I'm taking advanced creative writing in college, and the course is geared toward eventual publication. I still post a good bit of my writing in my livejournal, and a good bit of it (read: every nanowrimo novel, plus a few other things) is public. But I don't feel comfortable posting anything to fictionpress that I definitely intend to at least try and revise for publication. That means this year's nanovel will not be here, nor will any future nanovels, most likely. That's why I'm so hesitent with Elemental Shadows. I have just begun to revise it for about the millionth time and I don't know if I will post it here or not. That's why I have at least four works in progress that are longer than short stories, if not actually novel length, that will never see the light of fictionpress (not to mention that two are definitely too "mature" for this site). This is why I haven't used the site in three years. This is why anything novel-length will only be posted to my livejournal, or perhaps only emailed directly to a select few people. I feel like an elitist bitch, but this is how it is. If you actually like my writing, talk to me. Go to my livejournal. I like the online writing community, and I want to be some small part of it.

Updates: Updated September 19, 2006

(I'm leaving this section, but not updating it. I'd just rather have these notes somewhere online than saved to my computer.)

I used to write an individual update every time I uploaded a new chapter of a story or added something to my profile. This took up a lot of space, however, so I’m experimenting in writing my updates in a different fashion. I’m breaking this section into sub-sections based on the story the updates are for. Hopefully it’ll make sense.

--Salvation From Samhain
-- 10/28/04 = Began uploading; posted chapter one (for “Romantic Halloween” Challenge)
--10/29/04 = Posted chapter two.
--10/31/04 = Posted chapter three.
--11/01/04 = Posted chapter four.
--11/02/04 = FINISHED the story; posted chapter five

--Transcendence Theory
-- 11/12/04 = Began uploading; posted chapter one.
--11/19/04 = Posted chapter two.
--11/22/04 = Posted chapter three.
--11/24/04 = Posted chapter four.
--12/01/04 = Posted chapter five; officially lost NaNoWriMo.
--12/10/04 = Posted chapter six.

--Soul Searching: The Bathroom Wall Guide
-- 12/03/04 = Began uploading; posted chapter one (for “Dialogue in a Bathroom” Challenge)
--12/08/04 = Posted chapter two.
--12/21/04 = Posted chapter three.
--09/19/06 = FINISHED the story; posted chapter four.

--The Other Side
-- 01/10/05 = One-shot; posted the story.

Priorities: Updated October 28, 2009

As noted in my general info, most of the things that are high priority to me will not be posted to fictionpress at all. These include this year's nanowrimo novel, which involves dimensional travel and what equates to four separate plots, and probably the rewrite of Elemental Shadows. Right now, those two things are pretty much top priority, at least as far as novels go. I am also working on a lesbian love story, which was originally four small pieces of erotica I wanted to write, and therefore cannot be posted to fictionpress even if I wanted to. The characters decided they wanted an actual relationship, though, so they got one. Hopefully I'll finish this sooner or later; I work on it in large chunks with relatively long gaps of time in between. Another work in progress is based on something that actually happened in the news, although I deliberately did not research, so that I wouldn't feel swayed to keep things factual. It involves blackmail, and is quite explicit, and therefore cannot be posted to fictionpress. I have an alternate universe science fiction story involving aliens in the works, although it's kind of on the back burner. And finally I have everything pertaining to Zaiden, which are basically short stories involving the same cast of characters, but with vastly differing and kind of insane canons and plotlines. As far as fictionpress is concerned, Zaiden is my main priority. His stories are sort of stress relief for me; they're easy, and I tend to knock them out pretty quickly. They will be pretty much completely unedited, but proofread. They're just for shits and giggles, so don't take it too seriously.

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