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January 12, 2003

Quote of the Day: My mind not only wanders, sometimes it leaves completely.

Hello, and welcome to my little space on

Well now, I think it's about time that I updated my bio page. Here's some quick random info about...


Likes: Writing/reading fanfiction, staying up late, Avril Lavigne, A Walk To Remember, chili, playing the clarinet, hanging out with friends, making people laugh.

Dislikes: When goes down, getting up early, homework, wasting precious playing time in music class doing theory, skittles, hot dogs, lemonade.

My Fanfiction:

Anything But Ordinary: Ugh, can you believe that its taken me like over three months to get this out? This is my longest span between updates since forever... Well, I'd like to say that it was particall ymy PC's part, it kinda crashed. But, before you loose your heads for no reason, I did have it backed up beforehand. Thank my superb genius (sp??) for that. Heh, well, I think I'll stop writing here (since probably no one ever reads it) and work on ABO! How do you guys like that??

Dear Child: I don't really like how this turned out. I didn't really spend much time into it, and it could have been written a lot better. I was thinking about taking it down, but someone really liked it and it is on their favourite fanfics list, so I kept it up. That's all for this one!!

Half A Breath: I kind of liked the way this one turned out. It was my first time at angst. No sequel to it, though. I think I'm true with angst for a bit. Its kind of depressing to write. So, back to full-fledged romance for me!!

Okay, listen up to this. Here's the 'Reccommendations' section. This is where I'll post some of the best fanfiction I've ever read, and encourage you to read it!!

Card Captor Sakura (S&S):

The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura, Syaoran, and Friends
This is a must read for any S+S fan. It's waaay long, so be prepared for a long read. The author, Wish-chan, is really great at writing, and the plotline is even greater. Go read it here:

Yet another great S+S fanfiction. It's hilarious, and really mushy at times as well. It's really great. Jadewing know how to make this fic very humourous, yet a wonderful romance at the same time. Go read it here:

Pokemon (AAML):

Second Time Around
An extremely good AAMRN... wonderfully written with the best plot twists! You should check it out!

Dragon Ball Z (G/V):

Some Dreams Do Come True
Not much to say here, besides it's the best G/V I've ever seen!! A whol enew take on the Saiyaman Saga with new characters and more interesting plot lines!! Ya gotta go read it if you're a G/V fan! (Hilariously funny, as well)

Ai no Chikara(Dark Passions)
A HUGE, tremendously LONG read. Be warned. But, then again, it's totally worth it. It hasn't bee updated in a while, but hey. Lotsa Trunks/Goten mischief as well, sure to get Gohan and Videl into lots of trouble!!

Just one more thing... shoutouts!! I'd like to give shout-outs to the following people...
LavenderEspeon We are the Harvard graduates. Top five in the class, ne? lol *walks around with dunce cap on head* Well now, I'm officially all dressed to go in public!! Thanks for being a good friend!! (n' beta reader!)
Anime_girl_27 Get writing on your fic and post it. And remember to make the chapters looooooooooooooooong. Like as long as my loooooooooooong. Got it?? Okay!! Keep writing, no matter what anyone says!!
Kasumi Yawa Congrats for finishing your fic!! It was great! Heh, long live the cresco oil!! Too bad that didn't really happen, though. It would have been a teensy bit cruel, but hey! She deserves it!! Muahahaha!! *leaves bio area laughing maniacally, muttering strange obsceneties about certain people getting tortured by the dreaded cresco oil*

If ya want a place on my shoutouts list, talk to me on MSN messenger (violetemerads323@) or email me, and talk to me lots!! If we come up with really funny/interesting conversations, then I'll probably give ya a shout out, or else if I just know you really well.

Any ideas for new fanfiction you'd like me to write about? Like to read a AAML fanfiction that you just can't put into words? Be it oneshot or chaptered, I'm always ready and waiting for ideas to write about!! Try to make them as unique and original as you can!!

Just a note...
I have another idea for a fanfic, but I'm not saying. I still have ABO to finish, and the sequel to that, so if I say my idea now, it'll give a lot of time for other authors to copy it. And I like my ideas to be as original as possible.

Thanks a bunch for reading this terribly long section. I'll see you in my next review, or on MSN!!

~Violet Emeralds~

Christina, an aspiring young artist, finds out that her local art gallery is closing. The only way to stop this from happening is to win the nation-wide art contest being held in New York. But what problems will she encounter whilst in the ‘Big Apple
Fiction: General - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,070 - Published: 4/25/2003