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(Note: New webpage! The above link has my fics and my drawings on it. Check it out if you'd like.)

So we've decided two things: It's time to lengthen our bio, and it's time to start referring to ourself in the plural.

We never get out of the house. You shouldn't either. It's dangerous. Besides which, we live in California-- specifically an area of California that is maddeningly far from anything as worthwhile as the beach or a real city, leaving us instead with cheap housing and cowboy-imitators and a disctinct lack of culture-- and there is no reason to go outside.

We are eighteen. This is a surprisingly good age.

We have a taste for gelato when we can get it, and ice cream when we can't. We still accept vanilla ice cream in lieu of cold hard cash.

We do our own HTML. This is because we are, in all likelihood, quite mad. Absurdly proud of this fact, like child holding out a new doll, we hold out our certificate of insanity.

We actually do write other ficdoms than Snape-- I mean Harry Potter-- and guess what? We're now putting them up here. TALES OF THE DEMON is our foray into DC Comics fanfiction. Hope you enjoy.

You're welcome to talk to us. We like fresh meat.

(Ohh- fine. On a less surrealistic note: We love comic books (specifically DC and imprints thereof), fantasy and sci-fi novels, Anthony Stewart Head, Alan Rickman, Ciaran Hinds, mocking stupid people, drawing, computers, on-line rps, being a geek (42, baby!), cool Latin quotations, and many other things. Huzzah!)

HEY! Season of Healing has a Yahoo! Groups for discussion and updates. Url is: http:///group/seasonofhealing/ Thank you, keep reading, I adore you all!

NOTE: "Hallelujah" has been removed by the moderators. I do not know why. I am currently engaged in trying to get it put back up. If you are looking for this, I apologize and point you to the temporary archive for it: http:///theshade00/halseries.html
Thanks for your interest.

The administration has still not responded to my request to know why the story was removed.