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A Bio?! About me?! Wow! *

Yami Mystery: -_-; Does anyone actually read this?

shrugs* -^_^-


Name: Mystery!!! (Y.M: I THINK they figured that out already)

Sex: Female

Sexuality: I am straight, although I love some yaoi couples (Yami/Yugi!!! -^o^- Cuteness!!)

Ethnicity: I am Canadian, but part Egyptian (born there as well ^_^) , Elvish (pointy ears, keen sense of sight and hearing), and Vampire. No I do not suck blood I just inherited the fangs and wings (the wings I can retract).

Hair: Long dark purple hair with a few long blond bangs

Eyes: Purple (like Yugi's but darker)!

Height: Short, I am very short. v_v

Weight: Uh... average

Powers: Light, healing, and I can put peoples souls back where they belong if my Yami has switched them (see my Yami's powers to know what I mean). That is if I WANT to.

Yami: Yami Mystery! (although he is a male)

Millennium Item: Millenium choker (you know, like those thick necklaces that go around the neck. Ours is gold and has the Eye of Horus on the front!)

Pets: Anubis, an Egyptian Anubis god type dog except younger, cuter, and friendlier (except when he sees Anzu/Tea or if anyone tries to hurt me ^_^;). Little Yami Mystery is a black cat with Yami Mystery's short dark purple hair with blond in it and blond bangs and he has dark red/purple eyes like my Yami ^_^! Mini Mystery is a white cat with my long dark purple hair and blond bangs and big dark purple eyes!

My Duel Monsters!!: Kuroi - The Magician of Black Chaos
Kane - The Dark Magician
Ronin - The Celtic Guardian
Tomi - The Red Eyes Black Dragon
Kioshi- The Blue Eyes White Dragon
and Gaia - Is Gaia the Fierce Knight! ^_^

Favourite Animes EVER: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragonball Z

Favourite Characters: I LOVE Yugi (cute!), and Yami (hot!). I also love Ryou, Bakura, Malik, Ishtar (Yami Malik), Seto Kaiba, and Jou (all from Yu-Gi-Oh!)!

Favourite Duel Monsters: Dark Magician, Celtic Guardian, Magician of Black Chaos, the Blue Eyes White Dragon, the Red Eyes Black Dragon, the Flame Swordsman, the Empress Judge, Gaia the Fierce Knight...*goes on and on* (Y.M: -_-;;)

Favourite Books: Lord of the Rings (Legolas *drool* Y.M.: -_-;;), and Harry Potter!

Favourite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts! (Sora! ^_^)

Favourite Couples: Yami/Yugi! FOREVER!, Ryou/Bakura, Malik/Ishtar, Seto/Jou

I HATE: Tea/Yami, Yugi/Tea *shudders, and I mostly hate Tea/Anzu in general. Only in some stories I've read is she a bit tolerable!

Favourite and Bestest Authors/Authoresses! (In no particular order! ^_^):








Lady Yami Bakura

Little Yugi

Love Struck Artist

Moon Child



and Edmondia Dantes!

These are very good author/authoresses and I encourage people to check out their wonderful stories! ^_^

That's about it..!

Yami Mystery: O.o; That's alot aibou.

Mystery: -^_^- ..for me anyway, my Yami's bio is next! Muhahahaha!!!

Yami Mystery: O.O! The horror!! Not that yours isn't long enough! *sigh* -_-;;

Mystery: *sticks her tongue out at him* Also if anyone has MSN feel free to add me! I like talking to anyone!

Yami Mystery: As long as they don't make fun of you! -_-

Mystery: ^_^;; Right!

Mystery: A bio about my Yami!!! -^_^-

Yami Mystery: Why are you doing this aibou?

Mystery: *shrugs* I'm bored! ^_^

Yami Mystery: -.-;;


Name: Yami Mystery! (Y.M: How original.. -.-;)

Sex: Male. Yes I know I, Mystery, am a female hikari but hey, I didn't choose who my Yami was going to be! ^_^ Y.M: You make it sound like a bad thing!

Sexuality: He's straight, because he loves me! -^_^- Y.M: *blushes* M: Awww, I wove you too Yami!

Ethnicity: He's the same as me except he is more Egyptian, and a LITTLE Canadian. So he is the Yami of a Canadian Egyptian Elvish Vampire! ^_^

Hair: Short, spiked, purple but much darker then mine (Mystery's!), but still purple, with shorter blond bangs, and blond going in his hair. And for some reason he always wears this head band thing. I don't know why! Y.M: For everyone's information it is not a girly head band and it's just a plain, black one to keep my bangs outta my eyes! And it goes around my head not on top.

Eyes: Deep dark reddish/purple. When he's angry his eyes seem more red then purple! And when he's really happy they are the richest, darkest purple/red I have ever seen! *swoons* I just LOVE his eyes!! Y.M: -_-;;

Height: Only slightly taller then me.. which is still short. v_v

Weight: He's really well built and has nice strong arms, and a six pack, and.. Y.M: Ok! I think they get it! *blushes from embarrassment*

Powers: Dark, his millenium power is that he can switch people's souls around. Meaning he could put Bakura's soul in a puppy's body and vice versa! -^o^- Y.M: *evil smirk* Bakura: O.O!

Hikari: Me! Mystery!! ^_^

Millennium Item: The millenium choker (of course!)

Pets: He helps me take care of the ones mentioned in my bio! ^_^ Y.M: Help? I practically take care of the important stuff like the food, and walks, and so on! M: *sticks her tongue out at him* I pet them and pay attention to them though! ^_^

Favourite Animes EVER: He watches Yu-Gi-Oh! with me, and that's the only one he doesn't sleep through. ^_^;;

Favourite Characters: Y.M: I have no favourite's! Well except my favourite person is my aibou! ^_^ M: -^_^-

Favourite Duel Monsters: Dark Magician and Celtic Guardian are the ones he likes the most that he has, but he wants to get the legendary god cards. Like THAT will ever happen! *snickers* Y.M: -_-

Favourite Books: He is currently reading the Lord of the Rings series! ^_^ But hasn't read any other books... well except ancient egyptian books where all he does is correct it! *sighs*

Favourite Video Game: Y.M: I don't play "video" games, but my favourite games are the Shadow Games! Muhahaha! M: -_-;;

Favourite Couples: Y.M: Me and my aibou!! Muhahaha!!! Mystery/Yami Mystery!! ^_^ M: O.o;; Uh, yami, I don't think that counts.

He HATES: Anzu/Tea, anyone who dares lay a finger on his aibou (me! ^_^), and MSN faces! Y.M: Don't ask about the faces, long story.

All done the bios!! ^_^

Yami Mystery: Finally! I thought it would never end!

Mystery: Heehee -^_^- Anyway! Please check out my stories and the Favourite and Bestest Authors/Authoresses stories!!!! Ja Ne!!!!

The ideas and plots in my stories are owned by ME!!! Muhahaha... The characters aren't mine though! *pouts* So if you want to use the idea PLEASE ASK PERMISSION!! Otherwise please enjoy! ^_^