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Ok, wow. Definitely haven't been on here in a million years, so I think it's about due time to update! ;)

A little about me: I'm 16 years old and going into grade 11 next year. I live in Canada, although I'm not telling you where...

Interests: Writing, of course. I've been writing since I can remember... most of my good stuff which I've written since about grade 8 onwards is posted here. See if you can tell which are my earliest works -- it's actually quite amusing to compare. Singing, dancing and acting have always been favorites of mine. You can probably tell, they tend to influence my writing styles. I also love to read, evidently, although I haven't had much time recently because of this little thing people like to call l'ecole.

Interesting fact about my newest story, Paths of Destiny... I began writing the story over a year ago and had already chosen names for my protagonists. Ironically I met someone with the same name, many of the same qualities and almost identical experiences about three months later...

Paths of Destiny is a little more complicated than what is on the summary and so I'll fill you all in here. In this story, the land of Capane has always been peaceful because only one guild, the Terrapoli, have ever ruled. Under the reign of the Terrapoli, a snow-globe maker makes snow globes (obviously), which unite two people together as soul mates. These two people are connected and are constantly searching for their partner until they find each other -- and only then can they be truly satisfied. Because of the snow-globe maker, people were always satisfied with their lives because they were destined to be happy. However, all of this changes when a rival guild, the Skygazers, come into power and begin to take over cities in Capane, including the capital Gerula, one by one. They destroy the snow-globe maker and the last snow-globe he ever makes, because they know something about the two teens inside it the snow-globe maker did not. After this last globe is destroyed, the land is thrown into chaos.

Our story begins in the viewpoint of Aidan, the protagonist. It is 16 years after the destruction of the globe maker. You can read the rest for yourselves... ;)

My other stories are fairly self-explanatory. The Prophecy of Time was my first novel and so definitely does not have the depth in terms of plot line PoD does. Even so, please review it and tell me what you think!

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