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I am but a fourteen-year-old schoolmaid, who hopes to one day uncover lifes mysteries (Atlantis, the Ark of the Covenant, the secrets of the pyramids, ect.) with my best friends Lance and Brandon. I'm certified in Reiki (energy healing), and despite all this, I manage to have an incredibly strange sense of humor. I like Monty Python, Mel Brooks, and Adam Sandler movies, which is probably how most of my stories' wisecracks develop, by watching and learning from the masters. Keep in mind, most of my stories ARE NOT BY ME ALONE. My friend and I wrote most of them together, but unfortunately the original manuscripts were confiscated by her mother, who, needless to say, does not share our respect for Caddyshack-ish/Billy Madison-ish humor, so some of our original jokes are *sniff* gone forever. The ones you'll see are just the ones I've remembered (which is a good 97%).
Just some facts about me (yeah, like you care):

Real name: Erin
Gender: Female (which has probably been established previously)
Age: 14
Grade: 9
Choice words to describe my personality: psycho, bitchy (on occasions), humorous, solitude-loving, loyal, stubborn, immature/overly mature (split personality, ya dig?)
Other stuff: I recently learned the invaluable lesson that my partner, Jack, does not enjoy backing up. In fact, he loses his balance and you fall right outta the saddle, resulting in - in my case - rope burn on the inside of your right elbow from the reigns, and a dislocated shoulder. Being the bull-headed individual I am, though, I popped my shoulder back into socket and got back on him.

That's all for now, as if anybody actually reads my bio, but hey!