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Hi, Im Anime-Babe! Nicknames: A.B, T,

Age: 13

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

mood: HYPER!!

Special Talent: none(AB:T-T)

Gender: Female (I hope you could guess by my name!)

Fav.Colors: Blue and Silver

Fav.Animes: Yu-Gi-Oh!,Sailor Moon,Cowboy Bebop,Gundam Wing,DBZ, Zoids,and Inyuyasha

Fav.Characters: Seto Kaiba, Bakura,Ryou,Yami,Trowa Barton,Heero Yuy,Kagome,Inyuyasha,and Trunks.

Fav. Bands/Singer:Pink,Good Charlotte! Linkin Park, Creed, Goo Goo Dolls, Avril L. (to lazy 2 spell the rest of her name)


Zero: (my VERY odd Yami)

Hobbies: Reading,Writing,watching tv,listening 2 music, hanging wit pals

Fav.saying:And your telling me this because?

Fics out:
1.Shadow Duelist-(co-written with K.C)*completed*

Fics in the Works:

1)The Regaining Wind (the prequel 2 Shadow Duelist)

Hey! Im just your avrage nut case teen! Well Im done my 1st fic! But K.C and I have another one planned...or more 2 the point a prequel! IM SOOOO PROUD! Hehe I'm an odd 1!

Go HERE- http:///?bitter=AkuTenshi

OH! HEY!!! Do you like Zoid RPGs? If so PLEASe go here.. http:///NiceQuietPlanet/mainpage.msnw Its my friends new site! Please join! Im a manager and ifyou join early I can pull a few strings and give you a good zoid ^_~

Well thats bout it bye!

Kiddi Chi (22)