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i'm a teen who loves anime and reading.
i also love drawing anime and hope to become an animator, or a writer, or a psychologist. i know long list hehehe.

i love reading fanfics of any type and admire those who can write. when i say any type i mean slash or straight, makes no difference to me as long as the story is good (i like to think i'm open minded, and hate it when others make stupid prejudiced assumptions, because their little minds can't comprehend things beyond the points of their noses)

my fave animes are Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Card Captors, Beyblade and any other anime i can watch.

my fave anime characters are:
Duo, Heero, Trowa, (gundam wing)
Yue (card captors)
Bakura (both), Kaiba, Magician of Black Chaos (yu-gi-oh!)
Vegeta, Piccolo, Android 17, and the Supreme Kai *i know i'm weird but he's just so adorable* (dragon ball z)
Kai, Rei, Tala *new addition i just saw him awhile ago, hehehe, he's adorably hot* (beyblade)
and lots more ^_^ the list goes on!!

i love reading romance novels, horror, fantasy, and anything that can make me laugh.

ok like i said i'm a teen, i'm in high school and am enjoying it...with the exception of chemistry hehehehe
i write a lot, and finish few. when i say that i mean it, i have like, 3 notebooks and other pieces of paper with parts and ideas for stories, none are finished!!
i know i'm lazy but what am i gonna do about it? anyway, i love art! ok that was totally irrelevant but i do, guess it's part of my personality. i also love m 'n m's (the chocolate) i'm like addicted to them (^_^)

a lot of people think i'm strange or evil, i'm niether, well i am wierd but i prefer the term quirky, i'm not evil! when people say i am i'm like "oh are my horns showing again? dang i thought they were well hidden!"

also another irrelevent info about me is, a lot of people come up to me and are like, "is that a wig?" and for some strange reason people just start touching my hair for no apparent reason other than to see if it's real. !IT IS REAL!! i hate people touching my hair!! it makes me feel uncomfortable hehehe

my fave subjects are:
comm tech (i get to draw and work with cameras and computers)
art (obviously)
history (it's a hobby)
biology (the only science i'm good at)

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