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Wow. I didn't even realize that I had a fictionpress account. Is that weird?

Anyway, as long as I have one...

Here's a link to my fanfiction.net account: http:///~jubilee3

I've decided that denial is a beautiful thing and that The Order of the Phoenix never came out. That certain character that I love more than life itself did *not* die, and all of my plot devices were *not* mercilessly crushed underneath J.K. Rowling's shiny boot. Understand? Good.

ATTENTION ALL FORGIVABLE EXPECTATIONS READERS: Chapter 3 is finally completed and has been posted. Yeah!

Okay, here's a break-down of my fics so far:

Haunted: *Completed* My baby that I spent an entire year on. You wouldn't think that it would have taken me so long, but keep in mind that I began it before I had been properly introduced to fan fiction and before I had developed the ability to write on request. Anyway, it's a one-chapter Cats fic (the musical). In it, Mistoffelees has to cope with the death of Jemima and his own guilt. Basically, Mistoffelees wasn't the best mate, and his guilt takes a physical form. He becomes haunted by Jemima (hence the title), and is slowly driven over the edge. Cheerful, no?

Understand Me Father: *Completed* My first attempt at slash. It's short as can be, and is basically written in a musings style. I purposely wrote it ambiguously, so you don't know whether Draco is writing a letter to Lucius about his relationship with Harry, or if he's just sending his thoughts into space. Another downer, I suppose, but it's been reviewed by some slash writers that I greatly admire, so it can't be too bad.

Dimenticata: *Completed* Translated from Italian to English, the title means Forgotten. Summary: She will wake up, and it will finally occur to her that she can’t remember her own name. The cot will be foreign, the scratches will be upsetting, and she will cower in the corner until one of them comes... Then she will meet the shadows all over again.

Outward Appearances: *WIP* Okay, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and label this fic an AU. I could probably just go back and re-name my versions of Arabella Figg and Mundungus Fletcher, but I've gotten used to calling them that and it wouldn't feel right to do so. Just as the summary says, Lily is unsatisfied with the regular routine of life at Hogwarts, so she seeks external sources for enjoyment. In other words, she attends masquerade parties that are hosted by the colorful character, Sieranda Smiltine (a creation of mine). While there, she meets up with a man costumed as a stag, and the plot takes off! Lily gets herself into something of a mess when she develops romantic feelings for Remus Lupin. Since it seems to be the cause of much dissent, I'll tell you right now that there is a bit of Remus/Sirius. As a faithful slasher, it really couldn't be helped. The fic is actually Lily/James, and it's received an incredible amount of support and encouragement, for which I am immensely grateful! OA in its entirety can be found here, and the beginning chapters can also be found at http:/// in the Astronomy Tower, and at http:///. So, if you've read OA here, then feel lucky because all of the current chapters are posted on this site, and the other locations are slow on the uptake at the moment.

Forgivable Expectations: *WIP* A very Slytherin-focused fic. This time, my heroine is Pansy Parkinson. The poor girl is growing a little bit tired of the way her life is going. This may sound similar to Outward Appearances, but trust me, it's not. Her friends, "Slytherin's Queen Bitches, are constantly turning on each other, Draco Malfoy is remaining oblivious to her love for him, and there is the unavoidable path to the Dark Lord lying in front of her. But mostly, Pansy is just bored. That is, until Dean Thomas suddenly becomes prominent in her life. She's partnered with him for a project, and ends up discovering that there may be more to life than waiting for her best friend to notice her. FE can be found here in its entirety, at http:/// in Schnoogle, and at the Pro-Pansy website: http:///pansyparkinson/fanficiton.html. The poor girl really does needs to acquire more fans!

If you want to be updated on the progress of Outward Appearances, Forgivable Expectations, or anything else that I happen to be writing, then I suggest that you either E-mail me or drop me a line at my livejournal.