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Hello... well I really don't know what to write. I guess I'll just tell u a bit about myself. Yeah yeah I know totally unoriginal as well as boring...but hey got any better ideas?

Well I'm 17, live in Australia, obsessed with Harry Potter and just recently discovered the joys of fanfiction. I am a devoted guns and handcuffs shipper, i think draco and harry belong together...come on you all know deep inside that harry can't be with anyone else! I love movies, i'm like a movie buff, which can be very annoying for my friends...i like art, especially drawing and music and japanese manga rules!!!! And yes I am a typical teenage girl, in that i like shopping, parties, make up, boys, blah, blah, blah, blah...all the usual stuff.

Hmm...yes well my life is interesting. Well i'm very into spiritual stuff, like yoga, massage, candles, incense, you know what i'm talking about.

I don't really have a homepage but i have a page where i answer all your reviews... its
It's actually just my blog... random ramblings and such ^_^

I just read Ender's Game the other was AMAZING! Wow...i think i have truely became a sci fi addict!!!!

Well I guess I'll just add to this very lame and boring bio when i think of something interesting!!!!

Streetwise: Finally updated...had a major guilt trip before though!!!
By the way...the riddle in chapter 2, she can not cut the chain, and because there is a lock on it...the post man can't open it either!

Could I recommand the below fics to you all, they are truly some of the best fiction avaliable on harry potter fandom!

~ The Draco Trilogy by the wonderful Cassandra Claire
~ Sins of the Father by the renowned Ali Wildgoose
~ Love Under Will by the talented Aja *slash*
~ Snitch by the awe inspiring Alex Malfoy *slash*
~ Irresistable Poison by the purely magical Ryshenn *slash*

hmm.. don't think that they are posted on fanfiction, but they are on schnoogle. Now, shoo... go and read these bloody stories or else you'll regret it. HOnest ^_^

oh by the way i saw the new hp movie...FANTASTIC... jason isaacs and kenneth branaugh (sp?) radiated in their parts. AND at the risk of been classified as a complete cradle snatcher, Tom Felton was HOT as draco... *drools* Maybe i can get my boo to dye his hair platinum blonde? Nah... don't think that will suit him!!! My GOD what is my life coming to???????


Virtual Hugs and Chocolate and Cream Brulee (brain food ^^)