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Hi!! I am very excited to be a part of the FanFiction.Net community. I have finally been able to use my account since I have been having troubles with it. Well I will give you a small profile on myself so you understand who I am and what I like.

Gender: Female
Age: 13
Hair: Brown/Blonde (a.k.a. 'Dirty Blonde')
Hair Length: above waistline
Eyes: Blue/Green
Skin: Peach, but who cares!
Favorite Anime: DragonBall Z
Favorite Character: Videl
Favorite Couple: Videl & Gohan
Favorite Story Types: Romance, Humor, and LEMON!!
Best Friend: Pu'ar, Pu'ar is my partner in crime and FanFiction. We have an account that we opened together so be sure to check out our stories as well as hers. And my best Guy-Friend (JUST FRIEND) is Alex!
Favorite Singer/Song: Christina Aguilara/Lady Marmalaude, Vanessa Carleton/ A Thousand Miles
Favorite Books/Movies: I LOVE HARRY POTTER AND
Favorite Actor: Daniel Radcliffe,(I think he is cute, ^_^).
Hobbies: I like reading, drawing, writing FanFiction, playing with my 2 year old sister, and training, and playin' with my many animals. I also LOVE TO WATCH TV!! Most of all however, I love to talk and hang out with my friends.

That is all you need to know about me for now! Once again I say, I am SOOO happy to be a part of FanFiction.Net and I would like to inform my readers that are FFN Authors that if you want me to advertise your story then just give the title and a short summary of your story along with your Pen Name! For my readers that are FFN Authors or just FanFiction Lovers I am going to have a Character Profile up before I post stories since I have many new character with strange personalities and i have changed MANY ofthe Z Characters personalities. Finally, nearly all of my stories are AU's and don't follow the original timeline at all!

I hope that you all will like my stories and I welcome you to Read, Review, Flame, Make Suggestions, ANYTHING but pwease tell me if you like my stories. If you want me to let you know when new chapters will be out or you have questions about a chapter of a FanFic or the entire fic then send me an e-mail and in the Subject box either type the name of the fic yo are commenting on or type Mailing List:(Here You Put The Names Of The Fics You Want Me To Send You Chaper Updates On).

Thanks A Bunch To All My Fans,
~ Stephanie a.k.a. Videl