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My name is Nathan, from Massachusetts. I'm a 20 year old male, and I enjoy writing and reading science fiction, mainly military science fiction, especially with space combat. I like Star Wars, some Star Trek, Firefly, Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, and movies/shows like that. I have started writing a new story for FictionPress.net. Please read and review if you like military science fiction.

Okay, couple things I really dislike. Some people when they write put a little note at the end of every chapter saying something like, "I know this sucked." or "I'm sorry this chapter was so short and so bad.". I hate that. First of all, people who say that usually are actually not that bad at writing.

Then, there's people who write reviews just to say bad things about a fic. I hate that, too. So far, I have gotten some excellent reviews that give me some great constructive criticism, and I really like that. I try to improve my story writing, taking into account what people have told me.

Oh, and I freely admit that when it comes to characters, I have some trouble in terms of development. Personally, I think that as far as narrative goes, I can write pretty well, but the human aspect really seems to be lacking. If anyone could offer me some pointers in this regard, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Another thing: what's with people, especially younger writers, wanting to write a story with a political message? Whatever happened to just writing for fun, without some underlying message in the story? I say at the start of every chapter that I am not writing a story with a message. My stories are just to entertain the reader. Maybe, with luck, I can let someone escape into another world without worrying about me politicizing the story.

"What do you mean murder? I wasn't aiming right at him!"
"What do you mean you don't need to aim directly with an orbital bombardment?"
--Games Workshop

"To the Everlasting Glory of the Infantry--shines the name, shines the name Rodger Young!"
--'The Ballad of Rodger Young'

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