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im from florida, i sing, act, and write. My fav show is buffy, so you'll be seeing BS and other BTVS stories on here. and Spike is chained to my jacuzzi tub...And you know what? Dawn and Buffy are sitting on MY shelf, and Joss' brains are neatly displayed over MY bed...I'm okay...really

Hehe, anywho, I decided to update my profile besides for that stupid paragraph above. Hehehe, well eeeeeek ummmmmmm ummmmmmmmm yeah...

Favorite TV SHOWS- BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (duh); Angel, Charmed, Six Feet Under, The Osbournes, and Queer as Folk.

Favorite MOVIES- Queen of the Damned, Interview With a Vampire (Can You tell I love vampire movies?), Cruel Intentions (definitely), Grease, Back to the Furture, um, eeeeehhhh...what else is there? I know there is more!

Favorite BANDS/SINGERS: Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Carlton, Blink 182, System of a Down, Sum 41, Linkin Park, anybody named Bob...(JOKING!), Pink, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne, and I'll tell ya if I think of more.

Screen Writing really interests me in the near future, since I just love writing, maybe that will be what I do! Or something, but I also love to sing and act. I'm in a professional chorus, I'm in a profession acting school, and I write non-stop. I hope you all like B/S paring, cuz that's my fav!

Also, I wanted to let you all know, my bestest friends Pyro sn: Paranormal-Pyro, and Umi Angel'sGurl06 have sn's on here. Umi writes more B/A, but she does have a B/S fic up. And Pyro includes Drusilla in his fics. They're under my favs, so check 'em out sometime!


Thanx for taking the time to read my profile, I guess. lol.

Oh also, I just wanna advertise my favorite site for Spuffy fantasy fics I have my story "Better Than Chocolate" on there, and I'm just addicted to the stories on there! Thanks Silver and her elves Flames and Kella for making the site possible! :-) Buffy: You're bent.
Spike: Yeah. Made you scream, didn't it?

S6, Wrecked

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A poem about eternal love. A love that lasts forever.
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