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Hi there!!

One of my friends actually told me that my previous bio doesn't really describe me, or rather the side of me not many people know so i have decided to grace you with some backround on me.
I am an avid reader of anything science fiction and romance. I am an artist, mostly charcoal and pencil sketches. I am rather angsty i look at the world in a dark sense. I like anything to do with leather, knives, guns, blood, motorcycles, and sex. As you all could tell i'm a violent person when i want to be but in public i'm shy and timid. lol.
Amazingly enough i'm fourteen. Hard to believe eh? I don't like sports too much except for billiards which isn't really a sport its a game. I like horror movies. Heavy metal, classic rock, and alternative rock are my favorite types of music.
Well as you all can imagine i'm the average teenage girl with an obsession with Harry Potter.

Fyre Fairie