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WARNING!I may be a HAZARD to your health. Ok, I didn't think it would be fair not to warn you. I AM A HARRY POTTER FREAK!!!(isn't everyone?) HERMIONE RULES!!!!(doesn't she though...) Harry/Ginny 4 ever!!!!!(aren't they a cute couple?) ok, now i think I am done with my outbursts. and if u like HP too, check out some of the authors in my faves., most of them write HP fics. you can tell by their names. ummm... I am 12, live in PA,have brown hair/eyes, and I LOVE the internet. I like to listen to music, my fave. peeps to listen to are The Offspring and Pink. ^_^ anywhoo, I will be mostly writing Harry Potter stories, but I am in the middle of writing a poem, so whatch out for that. I love challenges, so BRING 'EM ON!!! I love to type, and the internet is like my second home. Ok, ermmmm... E-mail me, I love getting e-mails, just tell me u got my name from FF.Net, ok?or IM me from AOL, same deal, tell me u r from FF.Net.I luv to chat, and am usually sane while online. I am REALLY bad at spelling, so don't bo-ther correcting me, it is a hopeless case. I am in the middle of a HP website, so whatch for that too. Er... I love to read the original poetry, I dunno why, i just love the way some people write what others think. I especially like Keres's, so check 'em out, click on the link to those poems on my fave. author list. And one of my absolute faveorite Harry Potter stories would have to be by Camille. Check out her name on my faveorite authors list. Erm.. I hope everyone likes my writing, and I hope you all like my faves too! I've read sum pretty good stories. Thats about all, umm... just R&R please, and I will take flames, accually, i like them i like to laugh at them when they write them to other peeps, and so i find them amusing. I may seem, a bit, ermmm, weird, to say the least, at times. It is just a faze I get while on F.F.Net sometimes, it will pass. Enough with my blabbering, you guys have lives to get back to!


and p.s- I got my 10th review, so I am starting to write a sequil!!!!! So look for that also!!! Thanx for reviewing!!!

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Well, this is my first poem. Go easy on me, i know it isn't that good. But please R&R anywhoo, even if it is just a flame.
Poetry: General - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 149 - Reviews: 14 - Published: 1/24/2001