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Hello. I am debating whether I should have ANOTHER sn. What shall it be if I do though? Charmed4you? ItsAll4Frodo? FrodosRinglet? LOTRgirl? Enchantess? FrodosEnchantess? FrodosShootingstar? Out of all these, FrodosRinglet and ItsAll4Frodo tops it. Wait a sec... it could be FrodosRing! Perfection has hit its angle! Guess wut? I got a new one! It is not LOTR or charmed4you or anything. It's Paulfrankmonkey! Is it cute? Or should I just delete it completely? I like it! ((I havent updated anything on it though, so if you were looking for it, it might not show up until I write some stories. But it might just show up, you never know.))

Let me tell you a ( wee bit ) about me:

1. brown hair
2. brown eyes
3. not very tall
4. I like writing fics even if most of them are dumb
5. I like black clothes
6. I like to skateboard

My fics:

1. Living in the life of Ron, Hermione and Harry
2. Rosy Red and Dark Black
3. Hey Helga!
4. Hazel's Life in Dinotopia
5. Magic
6. In the Line Of Scar
7. Poems
8. Complicated
9. The Advertisements
Please R/R some of my stories! Thank you if you do because no one reviews my stories that much. If I miss a story please review one of my stories and tell me. Okay?

I like many people from LOTR. Manly: Frodo, Legolas, and Aragorn. I am one half in love with Frodo, one quarter in love with Legolas, and one quarter in love with Aragorn. I am updating two new fixs such as:

"Hogwart's New Challenge". This is about my friends, Kimia, Neda, Nahal, Rojin, Sammy and I are about to get accepted into Hogwarts. This contains speaking to Owls and crazy (odd) dreams.

"The Advertisements." (This is a LOTR fic!) This is about how Legolas, Frodo, Gimli and Aragorn meet three lovesick admirers such as Mia, Kiana and Neda. (Note to Neda: This does contain Aragorn without a shirt on, and he does have six pack abs, but this part wont happen for a long while, unless I decide to be nice, you know what I mean, Neda! But I do kind of think my SIX PACK abs idea was kinda stupid but the whole story is stupid so what the hell?) Aragorn--advertising rings? Legolas--advertising Flowers? Frodo--advertising BREAD? It's all in the story. Aragorn--ABS????????????!!!!!! Also, there are some surprise guests joining Aragorn and the gang. Will be posted soon.

I have noticed in the past few days while I was looking over my fixs and I realized that I haven't finished some of my fixs. Sorry about that. I just ran out of ideas and I think most of my ideas are downright GAY!

My Favorite Authors:

1. Princess Roly
2. Radical Child
3. LaLa
4. panther7x
5. nekuyr2003
6. DanielsGirl4eva (She has a new screen name, so i will be adding it.)
7. FireBugJL
8. Moonfairy1016
9. AWG Coleman AKA Zimmeron
10. BaBe-WiTh-BiTe
11. Marauder
12. Lady Alcnolien
13. iceman7160
14. Heir Of Gryffindor

I recommend all these authors for you people.

My favorite stories:

1. 'Love'> Lala
2. 'Harry Potter and the Sword Of Helios'> Nekuyr2003
3. 'You've Got MOL!'> DanielsGirl4eva
4. 'Hermione Granger and the Boy Who Lived'> AWG Coleman AKA Zimmeron
5. 'Professor Pissant'> FireBugJL
6. 'If In the Begginning'> Marauder
7. 'Lord Of The Rings Variety Show'> Lady Alcnolien
8. 'Sk8ter Boi'> Princess Roly
9. 'Harry with Hermione and The Order'> iceman7160
10. 'In the Black Of The Night'> Radical Child
11. 'Hermione Granger and the Heir Of Slytherin'> AWG Coleman AKA Zimmeron
12. 'A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words'> BaBe-WiTh-BiTe
13. 'Moonless Night Sky'> Nevorata
14. 'If I could say what I want to Say' > Hermione cline
15. 'The Curse Of The Computer' > Footmonster
16. 'The Circle Of Scarico' > Dawniky
17. '7th Year Surprises'> Hannuh_gurl
18. 'Untrained Elves and Skewered Hobbits'> OneSarcastic Chick
19. 'LOTR: ROTK: My way'> LafiTafi

Some favorite songs:

1. 'The Game Of Love' > Santana featuring Michelle Branch
2. 'Happy' > Ja Rule and Ashanti
3. 'Work It' > Missy Elliot
4. 'Unwanted' > Avril Lavigne
P.S. Before I go on, these aren't my favorite songs in order.
5. 'Sk8ter Boi' > Avril Lavigne
6. 'Complicated ' > Avril Lavigne
7. 'Three Small Words' > Josie and the Pussycats
8. 'Pretend to be Nice ' > Josie and the Pussycats
9. 'Take Ya Home' > Lil Bow Wow

Hey I am workin on 'The Advertisements' but 'Hogwart's New Challenge' has gotta wait. I gotta work on the ads and Magic and also keep on track with my favourite stories. It's a little hard though!!!!!!!!

Some things that are weird and at the same time random:

1. Green eggs and ham
2. Yu-Gi-Oh ((Sorry if you like that show, but honestly... his name is Yugi, but why does it have the OH???))
3. When you are in so much shock you fall off your chair

I like being random... its fun. So that could be one of my hobbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have some random quotes for you but if you arent my friends or sister, you might think of them downright GAY!

1. 'When things are on the tougher, the tougher gets uh... tougher?!' ((Me to my friends))
2. 'You're gay.' ((Me, NOt that I have anything against gay people.))
3. 'Things just ain't what they used to be, ain't what they used to beeeeeee!' ((My cousin Mahy, singing some sort of nursery rhyme.))

Poems reviews
Kinda dumb.... a collection of poems I want to put together.
Poetry: General - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 170 - Reviews: 3 - Updated: 11/4/2002 - Published: 11/3/2002