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And the not so prodigal daughter returns. After ten years. Yeah.

Most of what you'll find here was originally planned to be comics of varying genres and styles, however, my motivation is terrible and with my university course eating up my free time, it's just easier to write them as stories - my words per minute is certainly better than my page per minute rate when it comes to drawing XDDD

Expect some new stuff up soon.

Name: Jess, Jay, Araceil (The one from, the real one FYI)

Age: Twenty Three

Nationality: British, please keep comments regarding the use of my language quiet. I speak it better than almost anyone else you'll find in my country.

Links- : Facebook.

http:/// : Blog, for uncensored stories and illustrated chapters

http:/// : DeviantART - no worries, everything is organised : My fanfiction account. This has been the most active and been in use for several years. If you like Harry Potter, crossovers, plots that DON'T revolve around romance and only have it as a happy side/subplot, and don't mind/enjoy homosexual undertones, feel free to check it out. I do not tolerate flamers though. If you can't get your opinion across without shouting and spitting like an angry cat, then your opinion isn't worth sharing and I don't want to hear it.


Lung Tien Academy: When Esme was expelled from the Darlian Magic School for Gifted Humans, she believed her life was over. But an invitation proves her wrong. Soon, she is on her way to the most prestigious and infamous Magic school in the country. Lung Tien Academy, known for it's strict power-level requirements, extensive library, multicultural and multispecies acceptance, Esme manages to find acceptance. But trouble is afoot, and students are going missing.

Fairytail Gone Awry: Legend tells of a Princess, with hair of autumn, eyes of sapphire, skin of cream, and power to destroy, or save, the world. Locked away in a dragon guarded tower at the ends of the earth, she waits for a hero, or a villain to rescue her. What Prince Aleksandr gets when he slays the dragon, scales the tower and throws open the doors is a pissed off Mage locked away by his mother after a vision during a game of strip poker with dwarves. Unfortunately for him, Aleksandr has always been a little shortsighted. "FLOWER!! I HAVE COME TO RESCUE YOU, MY QUEEN!!"

Tales of the Void: A collection of stories from adventurers, unlucky so and sos, legendary events, and not so legendary ones, from across the universe in the year 3043.

Beyond the Emerald Dawn: She had never wanted to be unusual. She had her feet firmly planted on the ground. Her future, all planned out. She didn't want to awaken in a strange place, where her name was strange, and her clothes stranger. She didn't want to get dragged off on an adventure, see amazing sights, meet incredible people. She didn't want to know what it was like to jump off a water-fall, or freefall in the sky, or the sea on her face. She didn't want to run for her life from monsters and crooks. She didn't want to feel terror enough to chill her blood to ice, or passion to burn her veins like fire. She didn't want to stand for a cause not her own. Or fall down and cry in the mud, her heart broken and torn in two. She didn't want to do any of those things. But she did them anyway.

The plan is to get Fairytail and Emerald Dawn up first. Lung Tien is in the process of being drawn up as a comic - I'll be putting a link to it once I have a suitable buffer. Possibly even uploading the script here as I go.

Enjoy. I will be posting once my university hand in is finished.

Heart Of The Dragon by Alaena H reviews
Turned human by her mother to save her life, Songwind has no memories ofher true nature and now she goes on a journey to seek the truth. Complete!
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