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Konnichiwa, everyone! Missa-Chan here, and welcome to my bio! Hmm...basically, this is a fountain of useless information about me...boring, ne? Oh well...*sigh* It can't be helped...

Name: Melissa...if you call me Mel, I'll knock your block off *glares at The Manga Wh0re* but, most people know me as Missa, or Lis.

Age: You know, you people don't really care do you?! Just get on with it Missa, so we can read some fics! Well, deal with it! As you can see, I'm a raging ball of hormones, meaning I'm approximately 13.

Location: -.- I'm surrounded by swamps and bayous,it's constantly 90 degrees, and we have to kill the occasional alligator. Where do you think? Sweet home Louisiana.

Appearance: I'm about 5'4, with hazel eyes and short brown hair. I wear glasses...grr...*stomps glasses*

Occupation: Official annoyance to society, a certified bench (-.- damn little cousins...), fanfiction writer, keeping the boys in my class away from me (it's a neverending job, trust me) yeah, student. And if you get really desperate, I make a darn good doorstop! -^.^-

Hobbies: Playing DDR badly since April, 2003! Writing fanfiction, watching anime.

Current song stuck in head: Shanghai Honey by Orange Range

Favorite animes: InuYasha (thank you Mia, for introducing me to a wonderful anime!)DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho , Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rurouni Kenshin,8th MS Team, Cardcaptor Sakura, Mobile Suit Gundam

Current animes I'm trying out: Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Lupin the 3rd (-.- uh...that one's now in the trash bin)

Current obsessions: InuYasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho

Favorite mangas: Two words: Shonen Jump. Inu Yasha.

Favorite couples: -.- If you don't know it already, I'm a drama writer...but I suppose my favorite couples would be Sango/Miroku(InuYasha), Yami/Tea(Yu-Gi-Oh!), Kaoru/Kenshin(Rurouni Kenshin), Sano/Megumi(Rurouni Kenshin), and Yusuke/Keiko(Yu Yu Hakusho)

Favorite characters: Ooh...this could take a while. Ok...

Rurouni Kenshin- Kenshin, Kaoru, Sano
Yu-Gi-Oh!- Yami, Yugi, Ryou, Joey
Yu Yu Hakusho- Kurama, Hiei, Yusuke
InuYasha- InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippou
CCS- Meilin, Lei, Eli (-^.^- I love the dark and mysterious one!!!)

Anime Quotes:

Do you think he knows it's a circle?- Hiei

You're a team player, a save the day super hero. I hate people like you.- Hiei

I don't care if it's a girl, a baby or someone's grandma. I'm gonna fight her anyway- Yusuke

Hiei is going through a tricky change, it appears he is beginning to like you.- Kurama

All this time we thought you were a brilliant strategist, but really you're just a lucky fool.- Kurama

Everyone's picking on me today...- Kenshin

She's scarier than Ginay, that she is!- Kenshin

Let's make fun of Joey, that's always fun.- Tristan

Your brain's broken or somethin'!- Inu Yasha

That's right...BIG sit...- Miroku

Why me?! Wouldn't you be tastier?!- Shippou

Me and My Friends Quotes:

"Fishgas!" - Me and Tan (Don't ask...blame it on a boring Social Studies teacher, fish and natural gas, and messy notes)

"Binary Man and Anime Girl to the rescue!" - Adam and Me

"Pudding tubes are not microwaveable..." Me and Beth after we unintentionally caught a pudding tube on fire.


"It's a boy monkey!" - Tan

"If you like running over iguanaaaaas..." - Me and Tan while on vacation in Key Biscane and my dad almost ran over an iguana.


"I hear voices...and they don't like you." - Tan


"When in doubt, panic." - Me

"Um...bacon and...uh...HONEY! YEAH, HONEY!" - Me, while attempting to find something for me and Jo to eat with bacon

"You want to buy some just don't know it yet." - Jo, while we tried to sell pencils to raise funds for a club

"Well, he shouldn't leave his pants outside..." - Tan after we had spilled a cup of water onto some guy's pants on the balcony below us

"I name it Bob!" - Tan, after she shaved a bounce ball into a cubic shape

"I dropped it into the abyss...DAMN!" - Jo, after she dropped the bookstore's last copy of Ragnarok behind the shelf

"THE REDCOATS ARE FLYING!!!" - Me and Jo while watching Pirates of the Caribbean, and one of the British is hit wit a cannon and goes flying

"MIROKU IS NOT PRETTY!!!!" - Tan, when she discovered bishounen means "pretty boy"

"JFK! JFK!" - Our whole class as our Social Studies teacher asked us questions about the presidents...we were bound to be right eventually

"BAACK BAACK BAAACK!" - Nick, as he ran around Suncoast with Jo's cellphone ringer set on "Chicken Squack"

"WHERE'S MY GOD DAMN BACON?!?!?!" - Wes, while we had fun with cellphones at the mall

"That is one thick membrane..." - Jo, while we were dissecting a cow eyeball in science class

"This is depressing..." - Tan, when she saw a bunch of frogs to be dissected on our science teacher's desk

"Hey, check it out! Butt dance, butt daaaance!" - Alan and Jo

"Wait, Yami no Tenshi...everyone's gonna call me Yami now! CRAP!" - Jo, when Yami no Tenshi became her DDR name

"I expected 3000 people...but not 3000 people all at once!!!!" - Me, when me and Jo were dealing with the lines to get on a cruise ship

Please check out my friends' fics!:

The Manga Wh0re (Tan)
Remus+Minnie (Beth)
Soulfire- (Jo)

Oh, and I'll be glad to do custom songfics for you! Email me with a song, a genre, and an anime (hopefully one of the ones I've written about already...) and I'll be glad to write one just for you!

OK, that's it! Hope that wasn't too boring...oh well, when they say bio, they mean bio! See you all in the fics! ~Missa-Chan

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