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Hobbes: I read that girls are made of "sugar and spice and everything nice"... whereas boys are made of "snips and snails and puppy dogs' tails."
Calvin: Hmph! So what are TIGERS made of?
Hobbes: "Dragonflies and katydids, but mostly chewed up little kids."
Calvin: Oh, that's clever.

So ff.n was being a bit of a butthead for awhile, but things seem to be stable now. More or less. Well, I'm still more pro on my HPJC Yahoo! Group, or the HPJC site itself, which can be located at /figgnme. (You see, I would directly link it, but for some reason, ff.n has decided not to let me use my fine HTML technique and doesn't display it when I do so.) At the Yahoo! Group, you can find new, improved versions of Hermione's Mind and Maybe I'm Amazed, but the trick is, you have to be a member to see 'em! So join today! *grin*

We can't forget that MM&I likes reviews! And also, MM&I forgot to bake herself a cake on November 2nd to celebrate one year at ff.n, and nearly two in the fandom! So HAPPY ONE YEAR, MM&I! *takes a bow*

Socks are dead useful things, they are. ~Direct quotage of the MM&I to Arabella Figg (the awesome author and highly-acclaimed "Figgster" under the SN of 'Arabella' at ff.n now)

I plug shamelessly, don't I? *grin*

Just one last thing if you're still reading this (which I doubt you are. I've probably put you to sleep by now, haven't I?) I swear to god, if one more person that I come in contact with insults Elijah Wood or Frodo Baggins (or says that he looks like a FROG), I'm going to have their head! *huggles Elijah* What a sweetie...

GO HAVE A LOOK IN MY DEADJOURNAL! (http:///users/jellychan) *points* Go now! Or my Livejournal! (http:///users/jellychan) *smiles*


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