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Nice Shiny New Biography (with a lemony fresh scent!)

This brand spanking new bio is brought to you by Jai’s excessively obsessive nature. She was getting rather bored with the old bio anyway and mapped out a new one in her head, which she then complained about until the others actually let her write it down. Huzzah.

Now, the Nightrunners are introduced as follows, in no particular order (well, actually, Jai gets to go first because she wrote the bio. So nyah.):

Jai, aka Ivory Moon, aka Nightrunner kitty #1 (age 17): Generally the sensible one (the other two are often too busy trying to bite each others heads off to notice anyway...but I digress). She also dislikes referring to herself in the third person, but in the interests of continuity (see Ana’s bio, below) she will continue to write in this manner. In writing, she is famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) for her abhorrent spelling, which isn’t so bad as that the letters often come out in the wrong order. Generally the others catch her before interesting new words such as ‘wlaked’, ‘generalyy’, and ‘ot’ make it into the final draft. She is also the only person alive who can spell the word ‘the’ in about twelve different ways, in interesting defiance of the laws of permutation (she also takes too many advanced math courses). When she isn’t writing, Jai enjoys reading other people’s fanfic, reading actual published books, and curling competitively. Between this, she squashes in such unimportant things such as grade twelve, eating and breathing, in that order. On a final note, she is the resident Pervy Hobbit Fancier of the intrepid trio.

Dru, aka Sun Queen, aka Nightrunner kitty #2 (age 17): Although Jai and Dru are identical twins, Jai steadfastly maintains that Dru was found under a rock in the backyard. She’s the noisy one, who works best in an environment fraught with peril (though normally for people other than herself). Not surprisingly, she is the writer of the action sequences (the other two quickly lose track of where people are standing or more appropriately, fighting in any action situation, and require using all Meg’s friends as stand-ins to figure out what’s going on [eg. Now Andrew, you stand here, back to back with Avril, holding this meat cleaver, and Laura will jump off the counter and attack you with this blender...]). Dru gets lots of practice in this by throttling people in a friendly manner. Anyway, moving on...when she’s not writing or outright threatening violence, she also curls competitively (with Jai) and also manages to stuff some school-worky things in there. She is the resident Elf-Obsessed Fangirl of the unholy trinity (it doesn’t matter which elf, because Dru thinks they’re all hot, even the worryingly feminine one [here Jai would point out that they are *all* worryingly feminine, thus earning a smack in the head from Dru]).

Meg, aka Eirual, aka Nightrunner kitty #3 (age 18): Meg, or Magrat, or Meglet, is Jai and Dru’s second cousin once removed on their mother’s side (really). She is affectionately known as Our Lady of the Convoluted Sentences, and firmly believes that the rules of grammar only apply to foolish mortals. She is, however, the only one who can write romance without getting unnecessarily soppy or oozy or otherwise disgusting results that would induce others to head for the nearest convenient basin, so the other two keep her around for this reason (Jai ducks as Meg takes a swipe at her head). When she isn’t writing, Meg goes to incredibly early synchronised swimming practices to the amazement of the others because no sentient being is awake at five thirty in the morning. Chlorinated water also works very well for stimulating fanfic ideas and nurturing plotbunnies (who knew?). Also when not writing, Meg is an IB student (International Baccalaureate), where the catchphrase is not ‘when I graduate from IB’, but rather ‘if I graduate from IB’. She, like many other IB students, believe that sadistic garden gnomes from another dimension are secretly running the world. Yessss... She is also the resident Lover of All Things Aragorn, Even the Fact That He Looks Scruffy and Does Not Apparently Bathe.

There are also our honorary Nightrunners, also known as our stalwart beta-readers and editors.

Ana, aka Yavanna (age 17): The slightly neurotic friend who often has personal issues with gravity, Ana is a darn fine beta-reader who enjoys screaming about the Nightrunners’ total lack of continuity. Without her, the Nightrunner fics would most certainly suffer from the plague of switching forth between ‘Hobbit’ and ‘hobbit’, and ‘Witch-Queen’ and ‘Witch Queen’. A very sweet person who perhaps has too much underlying fear of Orcs and Gollum-like creatures and whose terror of spiders has the Nightrunners looking apprehensively towards the opening of The Return of The King...

Erin, aka Shmerin the Erin (age 17): The other slightly neurotic friend who would gladly beat Jai and Dru for their excessive use of ellipses in the work she so kindly edits. She always enjoys getting their new chapters, even when they arrive at odd hours, such as twelve thirty on Friday nights (yes, the Nightrunners have no lives. Shut up) or three thirteen on Thursday afternoons (which is a very odd hour if you stop to think about it.)

But enough of this hilarity. Off you go. Go read our posted work. And there’s always more coming. Don’t nag. We lurve you all.

With the Utmost Sincerity,
The Nightrunners,
Jai, Dru and Meg


PPS. We've had several people complaining that they can't find our other work, done seperately, under different pen-names. This is understandable because often doesn't list our names in author searches. We're not entirely certain why this is...Don't say we don't listen to our reviewers, anyway, because you can now access our other work through our 'Favorite Authors' list. We aren't narcissistic, just lazy. This seems the fastest way to access a link. Please understand, most updates are slow or non-existant under these names, as most of our time is spent on the Brothers In Arms saga. Please feel free, however, to check out our other writings.