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Author has written 7 stories for Fantasy, Family, Nature, and Humor.

I'd like to follow in Fable's footsteps, because she's such a great writer!

I always return sincere, thoughtful criticism! Please please please tell me what's missing from my stories, because I feel something is definitely empty.

Current Stories:

My Son-- A slave-selling troupe arrives "from the Dead Ruins," which lie thousands of miles away. After the people of Pomirus City are forced to let the slave traders enter, a persecuted eighteen-year-old boy discovers his link to the Ruins and the two slaves transported by the Dead King. He had never looked like his mother. Now, he begins to learn why. --sequel to Midyear's Full Tide

Midyear's Full Tide -- The age of Black Imperialism has begun. Only a few primitive white cities remain, and commercial giant among them is Lopus City, where a god has stepped into the conflict between the Crown and the Temple, whose cloistering and training of mage children has incited increasingly more hate from the Lopian people. To make matters worse, a war-survivor nomadic tribe begins to rightfully accuse Lopus City for poisoning its people.

The Heart of Amaryllis -- About a century before Midyear's Full Tide takes place, up in the Northern Islands (makeshift Balkans and Greece), the Relic Wars between the black Castlers and yellow Amazons have just ended. Now, as tentative negotiations begin between the Wheatreaping Kingdom and the Amazon tribe of Amaryllis, other Castler kingdoms and Amazon tribes are racing to hunt down the Relic Thieves, unaware that non-human mortals and gods are involved.

Future Stories:

Shadowsongs and Echoes -- (I'm rewriting it, sorry!) This is the story after My Son. Lopus City has returned to its part-religious, part-monarchial government, and neither of the two Heirs are fit to govern; Princess Mirain is a girl, and her young brother Aleksi is paralyzed and prone to seizures. Worse, when Mirain turns ten, she discovers the Half One.

New as of February 2nd, 2009

I think I might be back. Wow it's been three years? I will probably put in a bigger effort of reviewing everyone's work -- going to try giving some more useful input from now on. College has been killer (or in Stewie's words, "Muuurderous!"), but I'm as good as done come April. Hopefully I will finish one of my bigger stories, and make it better. I want someone to feel satisfied reading my stories.

August 14, 2006

New versions of My Son and Midyear's Full Tide have been posted. I've kept all the old reviews from Midyear's Full Tide and taken all measures to modify my stories to the awesome suggestions sent to me. Sorry, I've deleted the old Midyear'sFull Tide, because it's so similar to the new one.Still afraid I'll get clobbered for posting repeats, lol! Thank you all, and if you ever want to see your reviews to my deleted stuff, please feel free to let me know.

June 14, 2005

My Son had a few plot problems, so new content has been added, starting from Section 13. Sorry about the confused updates! I am currently postponing all my other projects and focusing on finishing my baby's first draft before summer ends.

May 15, 2005

Posted the second part of Amaryllis, edited the first part's dialogue. Currently improving all dialogue!

Still trying to think of a bad-habit trademark for Scotty Nose-Picker's new name. Any input is appreciated! (Speaking of which, thank you Ceara Brede for all those wonderful suggestions! I have not thrown them out; I'm trying to pick one, lol!) Please feel free to comment on my stuff. Don't worry about my ego; I love criticism like no other! I neeeeeeeeeeed to know what to make better!

Thanks to Fable, Ceara Brede, and Karosai for sending reviews to the original versions of Midyear's Full Tide and Shadowsongs and Echoes. I'm sorry I deleted my original stories; I thought I'd get in trouble for posting "versions," but turns out it's ok. I should have asked first!! Aaaah!

If you reviewed and want credit for reviewing please email me; I totally owe you for your constructive comments!

Reviewers so far:

GreenBeret-- If you read his thriller "Graveyard Shift," there's no question you'll be taken away by Green Beret's cocktail of well-voiced narration, human nature, and suspense. One of the most dedicated and seasonedwriters I've met on Fictionpress.

KingKuranes-- Formerly Je-Nie-Dieu and LeonardChurch, his poems are some of the most articulate, outreaching, intelligent works I've ever seen. If you read his stuff, be prepared for his genius visuals.

Fable-- Just the first look at her "Do You Believe in Faeries" got me hook, line and simmer.Incredible, plot-pulsing humor! Whee for Fable!My first-ever fictionpress friend. My countryman too! Yayeah!

Karosai-- A self-taught disciple of Borges and other greats!

Ceara Rose-- Formerly Ceara Brede, her creativity and capacity for character psychology is clearly visible in the setting of "Queen of the Orphans." She has rewritten that story in "Lighted Fools."And she invites constructive criticism! A true writer!

SavannahAlexander-- Very good imagination between the ears there!

warnthepenguins-- His forte is in every aspect of authorship. The one that hit me first in "Contemporary Sorcery" was his incredible sense of humor and voice. He wields aversatile use of vocabulary and is one of the few fictionpress writers to score so many smooth and original figures of speech.

aquamoon222-- Both a poet and a writer!! Extremely versatile in both!

gloriousphoenix--The richness of the world she creates is visible through the defining colloquialism unique to every character/culture. Go for it!

Crazy Scientist-- Another amazing poet. Formerly RejectionNotice, Crazy Scientist recently wrote an extremely moving poem on the deaths of Arthur Miller and Hunter S. Thomson.

Thanks you guys! :)

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