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konnichiwa fellow anime luvers!!!!

HaHaHaHaHaHa!! SquEEEEEEE! HoT DAMN wuT aM i HigH oN??? i fEEl aLL...HYPER!! HaHaHaHaHaHaHa(someone taps her back)HaHa - Huh? Oh - yeah, right. ABOUT ME!!

i'M uR noRmAL(WUH??) hYpER aCtiVe GuRL hOO liKeZ tO rEEd n rItE. *big grin* i'M speCiAl cuZ mY MoMMy SayS sO.

I looooove ANIME! herez a list of my FAVORITE onez!!

The ones you'd MOST probably see my crazy reviews(I read more than I write so...yeah.)

Yu Yu Hakusho
Dragonball Z*
Zoids Chaotic Century*(Thas wut ish called right? Chaotic Century?? I don't pay attention to this stuff...)
Gundam Wing
Samurai X
Pokemon(Well...its o.k...)
Cowboy Bebop(again...its ok...)

ooH ooH! i alSo lYkE fInaL fAntAsy!! maH fAAAAvoRite iS 7! Cloud fo eva!!! i tink Cloud n Tifa deserve to b together. BURN AERIS!!! BURN BURN!! Sephiroth is cOOOOOl tOO!! he KILLED her!! WAWAWAWAWAWAWA!!!!!

vaNiLLa coKe...gotta try it. ish gud!! :P

I just saw XXX!!! it was sooo awsome!!! Vin Diesel is such a badass!

i mostly read the Digimon section. since i never get to watch season 2 any more, i just read about it. and sum of the stories here r even better than the tv show! just like...the digi-fics by eunc ^_^

i don't rite much(gee...n i wanna be an author wen i grow up...) so i just read. i'm looking for a good fic that cud work as an example for me so i can do good with my own. ^^