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Hello! Welcome to my world of writing. I am an 18 year old girl who love to read and write fantasy and romance. I have four stories and a few poems up so far and I hope to get more up as soon as I get them typed.

Well, I didn't quite make my goal. I'm on chapter 13 right now and am stuck! The goal thing is over now, so I'll probably go back to just updating every once in a while. I've posted chapters 11 & 12, but not 13 yet. I'm almost done writing chapter 14! I'm like, two sentences away, I think!

I have written a short story entitled "Repeated". In my German class we had to do a project inspired by the Holocaust. Frau Tol (my teacher) talked a lot about that the reason we teach "less than desireable" things is in hopes that history won't repeat itself. Well, what if history did repeat itself?

Please read "In the Silence of the Night". It's about a girl (Alison) who runs away from her abusive father with her Guardian Angel (Jake). But Jake may not be there for long... I'm not sure if I'll continue this one - you'd really have to beg me to. I just found the prologue among my papers while I was cleaning my room a while back. And just so you know, the poem in the beginning is an origional poem. I'm quite proud of it!

Some of you may remember my first story posted on this site. (Actually, it was when there was only ) It was "Nine Lives". Well, that story has been taken down and replaced with a new one of the same title. The prologue is basically the same, but with minor revisions. Chapter 1 is now up, and it's completely different from version 1. Check it out and tell me what you think, please!

I also added a short story called "The Dragon Guardian". It was written for a challenge on another writing site. ( http:// if you really want to know. I write under the pen name "sleepingstar", but you have to sign up in order to see any stories.) I didn't place or anything, but I got some good comments on how to improve it!

To keep you occupied, I suggest the works of Orhla Chloe, Quiet One, Blackstar 3, NinthRing6289, and Missy (Jasons Angel) all of whom are accessable through my favorite authors list. Quiet One has an excellent LOTR fan fic over at ff.n. Also take a look at my favorite stories list. There are some excellent ones there too

Also, I'm heading off to college in a couple weeks (12 days if you ask my sister) so don't expect me to update too much after August 27th! Maybe during all those breaks 'n stuff.

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