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Triad: Oh, hey there! I'm Triad Orion! I naturally enjoy writing fanfic and playing video games. Definitely my favorite is Golden Sun, for the Gameboy Advance. (And if you haven't played it yet, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!) I live with my four muses, two freeloaders, and a guy who wants constant attention. Let's introduce them, shall we?

Mia: Healer from Imil. Excessively violent to Triad, forces him to write his fics. Kind to everyone else, she enjoys beating Triad up until he does what she says.

Jenna: Flame Seer from Vale. Pyromaniac is an understatement. Burns anything and everything that can be, including Triad. Best friend of Mia.

Yami Yugi: Spirit of a 5000 year old pharoh. Has an obsession with Yu-Gi-Oh! (Or as he calls it, Duel Monsters) Normally doesn't hurt anyone, but he has been known to summon his monsters on Triad when he gets too irratating. Jenna thinks Yami Yugi is kind of cute, making Garet jealous.

Strong Bad: Evildoer from the 'toons on . Strong Bad's favorite things include Cold Ones, punching stuff, watching stuff, and cheating. His computer is a Compy 386, which he uses to check his e-mail, even at Triad's house.

Garet: Freeloader #1. Boyfriend of Jenna, moved in to make sure no one else tried to make a pass on her. Is currently obessed with Football and Baseball. He spends all of his time in front of the tube with Isaac watching sports. His favorite teams are the Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Orioles.

Isaac: Freeloader #2. Like Garet, obsessed with football and baseball. Is called on by Mia to beat Triad up now and then. Normally not violent, is lauded into beating Triad down by Mia's claims that he 'tried to kiss her.' His favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers.

Alex: Guy who wants attention. No matter when he comes around, everyone gangs up on him. Has a crush on Jenna, but Jenna hates his guts, leading to comical scenarios. Even Triad has been known to get the better of this ill-fated Mercury Adept.

So, there you go. Now you know who keep me going. Let's move on then.

Current Projects: (The title is first, priority in updates is second.)

Golden Sun: Paladin's Heart (High Priority)
Whose Ed is it Anyway? (Medium Priority)
ResEDent Evil (Medium Priority)

Finshed Works:
Golden Sun: The Trials of Destiny
Golden Sun: The Trials of Christmas

News: (Posted 1/28/03) W00T! I got my own website up and running! It's not completed yet, but it's certainly visitable! Please! Go check it out! The link's above under my Homepage thing! Triad Out.

(Posted 1/26/03) Well, here I am again. It's been awhile. Okay, here's the deal as of right now. Paladin's Heart is remaining my staple fic, and I am also currently trying to hammer out the rest of ResEDent Evil and Whose Ed. Whose Ed will only see one or two more chapters, while ResEDent Evil has anywhere from two to four remaining. I'm still going to try to get those going. I'd like to apologize to my Ed fans for this hefty delay.

(Posted 11/18/02) Well, I posted the final Chapter of Trials of Destiny today. I have some mixed feelings about ending my most popular work, but it's for the best. The sequel is coming. Be forewarned!

(Posted 10/22/02) Hey Hey! I've reviewed my hundreth time today, and the story last reviewed by me was none other than "Me, Myself, and Ed" by Zephyr Samba! Go read it if you like Ed, Edd, n Eddy! That's an order!

((Posted 9/29/02) OMG! I just read a fic entitled "The Insignificant Adventures of John and God" by my good pal, Tiny Gordo! It was pretty damned funny! READ IT! It's under my favorites list. Read it or I'll never update any of my fics again!!! (Well, maybe I'm lying there...)

If you read all of that, I wish to say thank you.

-Triad Orion