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Ronny Cohen- I wrote this in an effort to bring awareness toward the intolerance within our society and culture in hopes that the ice will melt from our hearts and we will become a much more loving people.
Status: Complete, but I'm adding mini-chapters in leiu of a sequel.

Misplaced- Gabriel Mercer woke up one morning in California and the next in a small mountainous town in New York. Not really bothering to question the move at first, he's definitely regretting it now. Everyone turns a cold shoulder to him, but when there's a stranger who keeps breaking into his house, the neighbors are still belligerent and unwilling to help.
Status: Work in progress

Bloody Fingers- I began to write this in the middle of the night, so expect lameness in the beginning. The lameness shall leave soon, though. As you can tell from the title, there is quite a bit of blood in this. I happen to like blood. I've also been called a vampire on quite a few occasions. Not quite sure if they were being serious or not. You never can tell with bees. Anyway, it's about this criminal industry that used to be feared by all, but now another industry has claimed their title. The former industry then kidnaps the CEO's daughter of the latter industry as a ransom. Confused? Trust me: you're not alone. Has been completely edited once more.
Satus: Complete

Barbed Wire- The sequel to "Bloody Fingers." Dirke and Co. travel to Florida so Dirke can continue on his quest to destroy every bit of evidence linked to his father. If I were you, I would re-read the whole of "Bloody Fingers" before reading this as they're both extremely confusing books. Anywho, "Barbed Wire" has quite a few surprises in it, and if you were a fan of "Bloody Fingers," I daresay you'll like the sequel even more.
Status: Complete

Conjoined- The third book in the EKRID Chronicles trilogy. If you want a copy of it, just e-mail me and I'll send it on over.
Status: Complete

I'm Naked and I Can't Find My Locker!- My attempt at a humor novel. Hoooowever, I got stuck, and the plot I was heading toward turned out a lot more morose than I intended. Once I think up a new plot and completely rewrite the first chapter, it'll get moving again.
Status: Pending progress

The Lord Harp- I lost my disk that had almost all of the ninth chapter on it. Now I'm sad. VEEEEERY SAD. 'Cause I'm an IDIOT!! Anyway, this one's stuck until I can find my disk or figure out what I wrote.

The Cave of No Return- This is my movie that I'm writing. Right in the middle of the seventh scene my little bit of plot that I had left kinda...died. I really am trying to think of a better plot, but that's kinda hard... Anyway, it's about these two guys who are trying to find the Cave of No Return (hence the title) to find the Armor of Invincibility. Bit cliché, I know, but what can you expect? It really doesn't have too much of a plot; just a random just came to me after watching the Monty Python series and Robin Hood: Men in Tights too often. Mental note to self: go see some other Mel Brooks's films. And update. Updating is always good.

Voices- My newest story that I've been doing. It's rather confusing, and with this new damn QuickEdit thing that FP.Com and FF.Net have decided to use, it won't upload correctly. If you think it's too confusing to read, just e-mail me ( and I'll e-mail you the original version. Anywho, it's about a girl named Erin. That's about all I can say without giving away the entire plot. I will say this: It deals with spirits and angels and heaven and things like that, but the way I set it up is actually not what my faith is. I'm an author; I practically made up this "heaven" in my own mind and gave it character... You'll see what I mean in chapter 2.

An RPG Quest: A Full-Length Version- Whoo, another humour fic! (Finally, ne?) Anywho, it's about a kid named Sven and his quest, but it points out all of the clichés of quests and how doing one thing would be a lot easier than what the Quest-Giver wants you to do. It didn't really fully develop and lost its humour toward the end, but hey, I think it came out okay. It's complete, too, so don't expect much else on it, unless I get enough reviews telling me to. But it won't be any other chapters, and there probably won't be a sequel, per se, just a follow-up story. Sort of like the Final Fantasy games...they're not really sequels 'cause they don't have the same characters.

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17 Dec 04~
Marikay-muse: MKD has been a bad seed and hasn't updated in a loooong she's too ashamed to even type this...
Baku-muse: ...and is making us, her muses, type it out... --'
Marikay-muse: Anywho, she's going to be on vacation for the next two weeks or so --
Baku-muse: -- after going through the hell of finals for the past week --
Marikay-muse: -- and is hoping to actually get the next chapter of Barbed Wire typed and updated.
Indie-muse: But! She's writing other things, as well! There are so many neat things to be looking forward to in the semi-near future! ...Otherwise known as 2005...
Cheap Advertising Moment: Some of MKD's favorite movies are coming out in 2005! Look for "Dave Barry's Guide to Guys," "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," and "Star Wars: Episode 3," among other things that she can't remember at the moment!
MKD: Aaaanywho, dreadfully sorry about lack of updates, but I've been rather busy... shifty eyes ...No, really, I have. I have to pass my classes, and that's not working out too well for me... (Added 15 Mar -- actually, I'm ranked number 68 out of 734 of the freshman year right now! w00t! And I already have 3.5 credits! Yaaay!)--' Yeah... Sooo... Things to look forward to for the rest of this month and into the new year:
-The next chapter of Barbed Wire should hopefully be out some time this month...! Oh, golly, I sure hope so...! I've missed it!! ;_; But! I re-did the ending of Bloody Fingers and it's a bit better, but I still think it's crap... I'm hoping to start on my way to getting it published... I don't really know how to, though, and I'm still editing... --'
-Eyes of the Ladybeetle: I have no idea when this'll be out, but it's semi-fun to write... Not much, but hey! I can pretend, ne? --'
-Ripped to Shreds: Eh...I haven't really done anything on this since the preview in Bloody Fingers, so I probably won't even get around to doing it until late next year...
-Across the Water: My romance novel! gasps can be heard off in the distance Though it may not seem like it, I'm a sucker for cheap, sappy romances... ' But, I think it's coming out pretty good so far... The first chapter should be up some time soon.
-Voices: I started out this story with only about one plot bunny, but you know how rabbits can be...and now there's a whole bunch of them, and they're getting restless 'cause I have no time to use them... If only some of them would hop over to Barbed Wire for a bit... --' Acutally, I have quite a few ideas for BW, and I think you will all be pretty satisfied with the new soon as I can find time to get them typed up... --'

7 Jul 08~
Sooo...I've been really lazy lately. I took a loooong break from writing. However, I'm back! Make sure you check out my newest stories: Ronny Cohen and Misplaced. Oh! And I've finished the EKRID Chronicles as well, so e-mail me and I'll shoot you a copy.
Also! I'm currently accepting beta requests, so if you need a beta reader, I'm your gal! :)

8 Oct 09~
For those of you who know about my book, Ronny Cohen, it is now available for purchase on Trafford. Com (my publisher) or Barnes & Noble. Com. :) 5 April 12 If you haven't picked up your copy of "Ronny Cohen," today's as good a time as any! I finally have time to go back through the EKRID Chronicles trilogy, so hopefully that will be available for purchase soon-ish!

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