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Uh, yeah. *looks around* Hi?

I guess if you clicked on my name thingy, you might want to know about me. Well, here goes.

I am a huge romantic, and I'm definently not one to ignore yaoi ^_^;; My favorite couples definently have to be Junpei x Izumi, Takuya/Kouichi x Kouji, Akira x Hikaru (Hikaru no go), Satoshi x Shigeru (Pokemon), and Jyou x Mimi/Yamato.

Umm, lessie, if you ever read any of my Frontier fics, you'll find I have a HUGE obsession with Junpei ^_^;; I can't help it. The kid is so cool. He's definently my favorite anime character of all time. Umm... from Digimon, I also like Jyou, Takeru, Ken, Takato, and Kouichi.

I also like cats, chocolate, and rockish music.

Okay, that's all. =P