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Noodle-he's..a noodle...DONT LET THAT FOOL YOU...or do..he's pathetic and doesnt help at all..

Yume-She's a white wolf with ice blue eyes. She doesnt do much but whenever Noodle appears, she sings and dances..

Hiei Plushie-since I cant have the real Hiei, the plushie is what gives me inspiration..glomp it when stuck writing ^^^

Mononoke Hime CD-WHA?

Insane Akari/Sane Akari-I gues they're both me..the school-going-one is the sane one..the one that comes out after school is the hyper one..she has an evil mind...eeeeeeeeeeevil..


Real Name : Akari Sayaka Confuzzled..oh, you wanted my REAL name? THATS JUST YOUR PROBLEM!
Nicknames: Yume, Akari, Ana-chan, Okami Youkai, Muffin Queen, Yaoi Goddess, Disfunctional Wolf, Moo, and Missy called me a Cheese Head, does that count? heh ^^^
Age : ...
Gender: female...i think..O_O lets just hope...
Race: Wolf Demon/Fire Demon
Orgin: Makai
Weapons: Flamethrower, pins, knifes, forks, chopsticks, daggers, whips, needles, sporks, bladed boomeranges, scissors, anything sharp..but my favorite is my katana..
Bloodtype : *shrugs* How should I know, huh?
Birthday : July 22, it was a saaaad day...
Hobbys: Reading yaoi, drawing anime, watching anime, biting off peoples heads, getting on peoples nerves, worshiping Hiei..erm..RPing...and..thats it..pretty boring, ne?
Siblings: A brother and..a cooooow...no, not really! Do I look like a cow, no wait, dont answer that - - -;;
My character : HYPER! Well, most of the time, when enraged, I KILL!! *bares fangs*
Bad Habits: Talk to much *nod nod* Thats why people get annoyed and dont talk to me anymore *sniff*
Fav Colors: Black, Red, Blue
Hated Colors: PINK
Fwends: (not too many...cant imagine whyyyy) Missy the fickle pickle, Kali, Aaka, Achika, Mel, Yuki, Usagi, Hyebin, and..all my buddies at DWW, you know who you are ^^^
Dislikes : Kuwa-kun, Inuyasha-obsessed peoples, and people that insult my Hiei-chan..
Likes: Muffins, Hiei, Ryuichi, yaoi, anime, wolves (animals in general), sharp objects, fire and gooood fanficcies...writen by people other than..moi..liiiike...HIKARI NANASE AND ROSE THORN! If you people EVER stop writing I'm forced to kill thee!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!

Favorite Quotes: (beware, there are a lot)

"There is no one who does not carry scars on his heart. If there ever were a person, he'd be a very shallow soul." ~Hiei~

"He who chews foot gets sock in mouth." ~Something from Mr. Cook's SS class by Hugh Smith~

"Cursing makes you feel all fuzzy inside" ~Achika~

"It's okay...it's just a minor hole in my stomach..." ~Kurama~

"Becoming its target has only one result: Bang..." ~Youko Kurama~

"You think you can predict what my next move is?! Look at this, I dare to swear you didn't expect this one coming: men's 100m swimming freestyle!!" ~Yusuke~

"Looks like our Urameshi Team's clown has arrived too." ~Hiei~

"Being lucky seems to be your greatest tactic." ~Hiei~

"I have a feeling I'm gonna win!" ~Kuwabara~
"I got the feeling you will die..." ~Hiei~

"I'm not a fighter of good. It's just that most people I hate are evil." ~Genkai~

"I can't use my reiki, so I borrowed some of yours." ~Genkai~

"Bingo" ~Botan~

The Pairings I like:
Yu Yu Hakusho: HieixKurama, KuramaxYusuke
Gravitation: YukixShuichi
Yu-Gi-Oh: YugixYami
(YYH and Gravi is all I read so I cant say all that much..heh)

Here are my points of view!

Het- Heh, Keiko x Yusuke is fine, so is Botan x Koenma, and Kuwabara x Yukina..not that I'll actually read it..*shrug*

Yaoi-Not in 7 hells will I read something NOT yaoi...O.O WHY?! BECAUSE!! Hiei and Kurama make such a kawaii couple *dreamy sigh*

Yuri-errr...I have nothing against it, but I dont read it.

Incest-*twitch twitch* not my thing, but its ok, I guess... I had more to say about it 1 month ago, but since I watched Angel Sanctuary, my point of view has changed..^^^

Angst-of course! How the hell do you think I get so depressed all the time ^^^ I cry a lot of times i read those things...aint my foult..O.o DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!

Lemon-*prods her age* aw hell ^^^

Fluff- How can one NOT looove fluff!

My Favorite Anime shows/movies/manga:

Yu Yu Hakusho
Fushigi Yuugi
Mononoke Hime
Boys Next Door
Spirited Away
Angel Sanctuary
Fruits Basket
Rurouin Kenshin
Sorcerer Hunters
Sailor Moon
Blue Seed
Gundam Wing
Cowboy Bebop

Favorite Bishounen:

Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Ryuichi (Gravitation)
Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Setsuna (Angel Sanctuary)
Kamui (X/1999)

Favorite Bishoujo:

Juri (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Ayaka (Gravitation)
Akari (Battle Athletes Victory)
Mai (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Favorite Writers:

Hikari Nanase
Rose Thorn

Favorite Fanfictions:

Let's Fly Like the Birds Do
Paredise 6
Forbidden Love
Sun-Kissed Copulation

1. To get killed by a car
2. Finish my fanfic by May
3. Get a life
4. To change into an anime chibi and run around with a flame thrower...

Jan 14: I posted my first Gravi ficcie, hopefully not my last!
Jan 15: I have the next chappie of Anime at Nite writen out, just donn feel like typing it up. Also, I wasnt going to continue Will You Miss Me, it was a one-shot. Tho now i got reviews with people wanting it to continue. Hey, if I set my mind to it, I just might! ^^^
Jan 15(5 minutes later): ummm...i took off my letter to theyaoihater...
Jan 16: updated anime at nite. Got grounded for 2 weeks
Jan 17: Got ungrounded O_O
Jan 18: posted chappie two of Will You Miss Me.
Jan 21: finished writing my new fanficcie..now the terror of typing it up!
Jan 27: Updated my profile ^^^
Feb 1: Saw Earthain...its apose to have yaoi bbut..we never got to in since we turned it off..cause..it was so horribly baaaaaaaad!! *dies*
Feb 14: Well..happy Valentines...to me its till the 13th but hey..*points* 12:06, anyways..i posted the next chappie of Yumemiru..*yawn*

Thank you my dear reviewers! You give me lots of support! LOVE YA ALL!! *huggles*

ahem* does anyone really read this?

-~*~-Eien ni Kurama ai Hiei-~*~-

Animal Instincts reviews
A blur of black through the grass. Flashing fangs and human blood..
Fiction: General - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 382 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 1/7/2003