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feature person of the period-of-time-until-I-change-this is... *drumroll*


When asked to describe her in one word, these people said:
Leah: unique
B: unique
Jenn: zany
Katie: special
Katherine herself: critical

Diologue of Katherine:
(Katherine, Leah, and I stand in the kitchen waiting for the cookies to cook)
Katherine: I hate twinkies.
Leah: That was random.
Me: I love twinkies! (pause) what are twinkies?
Leah: You know, the thingies with the thingies in them. They're awful.

Quote of Katherine:
Today on "Juggling With Aprons", we will be juggling with aprons! Random quotes:
Mr. Marak: Look at Mallorie. (she was talking) She's saying, "I don't care!" Does that make things any easier?
Stephen: No, not really. (laughter)
Mr. Marak: Steve, I'm giving you your topic statement! Why do people care what happened to the dinosours? Brian cares. Did you see the way his eyes went all wide when you started talking about that?
Alex (very loudly): I care, too, Stephen!

(When we were putting laws in prority order)
Stephen: Why is job discrimination so high on the list?
Mallorie: It's important! There was a war about that!
Pat: A war?
Stephen: Yeah, World War 3 will be started from job descrimination!

Drama Class:
Ben: I'd like flavors A through L in a bucket, please.

While watching "Jacob's Ladder" (Freaky movie! Gave Omni nightmares!)
Emily: Hmm...maybe he's dead! I mean, he's cold, and his son's cold, and they're the two that are dead!
Aaron: I'm cold...
All: o.O
Ben: You're dead!
Aaron: No, I'm just wearing a t-shirt!
Ben: You're not dead, you're wearing a t-shirt.
Emily: That sounds like a really bad movie.

Emily: What about the shrink?
Aaron: Dead men don't go to shrinks.
Emily: That sounds like another movie.
Ben: or a punk band
Spanish Class:
Chris: Quien robo las galletas desde el jorro de galletas? (Who stole the crackers from the cracker jar?)
Sr. Seltzer: no, chris, no...

Sean: Siempre comes tus zapatos? (Do you always eat your shoes?)

Kevin: Quieres tus orejas calientes o frias? (Do you like your ears hot or cold?)

Elena: Porque Sr. Seltzer quiere escojarme? (Why does Mr. Seltzer want to pick me?)

Tim: Yo tengo un gato en mis pantalones y es picante! (I have a cat in my pants and it's spicy!)

Jon: Quieres lechuga o manzanas cuando comes tu pero? (Do you want lettuce or apples when you eat your dog?)

Tim (the next day): Tienes un gato picante en tus pantalones todos los dias? (Do you have a spicy cat in your pants every day?)

In choir:

Mr. Hicks: You know that game connect-the-dots? The one they have on all the cheap paper placemats in restaurants. Where you draw lines between all the dots and they make a picture. Right? Well, we're going to play connect-the-notes!
All: ...

In orchestra:

Mr. Ventre: P, everyone, P. No, 2 before P. That's a bad place...4 before P. 5. 8..10...15...O, everyone, O.

Me: Are you coming?
Anesha: Not after what you just did!
Me: Um...I haven't seen you all day.
Anesha: ...shut up!

The little kids at Thanksgiving:
Seth: I'm thankful for my daddy! *runs over and gives him a hug*
Kira: I'm thankful for the whooooooole world!
Mom: What are you thankful for, Zack?
Zack: No.

Mom: (going through the back of a cabinet)...dishwashing gel? Where did this come from?
Aaron: The dishwasher gods are pleased with us because we're putting our tired old dishwasher to rest and getting a new one.

Alost Aaron:
"Wait! Wait! I lost my teeth! No, I'm serious! I dropped them!"

At today's soccer game:

Marissa, Cheryl, and Kristin (all at the same time): Good job, Chealsea!
Cheryl: Great minds think alike!
Me: So do stupid ones
Kristin: If two people shared a mind, they'd say the same thing simultaniously!
Cheryl: ...riiighht...

Cheryl: I'm cold! I'm freezing! I'm coo-oo-ooold!
Kristin: Well, so am I, but I'm not singing about it!

At the end of season soccer party:
Bethany: ALEXA! Come down here!
Alexa: Wait! I wanna see the house blow up!

Amanda: Shannon! Quick! Kristin's eating you! (reffering to Scooby Doo in which each character had been assigned to a girl)
Shannon: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! people amuse me.


and last but not least, one random word to leave you with.


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