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Okay If you're reading this then you probably know that I write fantasy stories. Problem is I never seem to find the time to finish them for various reason - all of which I think I will blame on my brother and this stupid computer table that makes typing not much fun.

About me Name - not going to tell you
Age - 25
- Australia
Favourite Books/s - Trinity trilogy by Fiona McIntosh, Redemption of Althalus by David and Leigh Eddings, Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce, Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey and many more
Favourite Anime/Manga
- GTO(manga much better than the anime)Inu-Yasha(manga)X tv, Rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop, Love Hina, Db/z/gt,Clamp School Detectives,Fruits Basket(both anime and manga) plus many more
Dislikes - Seinfeld (shudder), Hamtaro, Pokemon, Most crime shows, Romance novels/movies etc The colour Pink

Rising from the Ashes
Jason tells the story of how he became a chosen one and began a journey that will change his life forever
Status - 4 Chapters Complete

The Gathering Rune is a young journeyman mage. When he is asked to help his younger brother get into the Royal Guard, Rune's teacher Duke Valdis decides to help, provided that Rune do one little thing for him...Find the Companions of the Vessel of light, before the Vessel of Dark's companions can be found. Shouldn't be too hard right? Status - 15 chapters complete

Fravardin Keeper 1st prequel to the Knight Guardians Series. This is written in Calin the Keepers pov and details how he met the eternal voice, Askira and the first Knight Guardians.

Knight Guardians - The begining The Chaos realm is rising once again. It is up to six teenage girls and their Keeper to prevent that from happening.

Knight Guardians - Askira's Return An old friend of Phoeaix(aka Calin)drops by to visit him... only problem with that is that she wants to kill him.
Status - ON HOLD

The Three Thieves series

The Gem Meet Rafe, Dion and Dariel as they steal a magical gem and encounter a world of trouble

The Golden Phoeaix The three thieves are back. This time Rafe steals a Golden Phoenix statue and becomes the center of attention of Tosrean underworld. Why? Read and find out

To be a ...?
Series of short pov pieces that often allow me to flesh out a charecter for future multi-chapter stories
To be a Thief
To be a Warrior
To be a Mage
To be a King
To be a Prince
To be a Shapeshifter
To be a evil villian


RPG Based stories
Based on rpgs i have started with friends. I do have permission to use their charecters

Searching for Revenge On the most important day of his life Yuseke's world is torn apart...follow him as he sets out to find the mastermind behind the attack on his village - journal entry form
Status - 10 chapters completed

Myth and Magick The Gods are angry...why? The High Governor has banned all use of magick. So what do they do about it? Flood the land with almost constant rain. An unlikely group sets out to fix this the only way they know killing the High Governor
Status - 14 chapters completed

The Colour War When King Green dies, everyone expected Prince Purple to take the throne. However his uncle Duke Black has laid claim to the throne...the kingdom is torn in too, each supporting either the Prince or the Duke. Who will win and become the Colour Kingdoms next king?
Status - On hold

Future Stories

Journey to Aster
Part of the three thieves series, it details the events that molded Young Prince Jacob into the legendary King he would become.
Status - Rewriting first chapter right now

Valkyries Rising There are two powers hidden in the land. Both are drawen to the small kingdom of Dajik as a new King begins his journey.

Voice of the Elements 2nd prequel in the Knight Guardians series. Join Ciaran(aka the Eternal Voice) as he details the War of the Elements and the fall of the Knight Guardians.
Status - Chapter plans 90 completed, Chapter One 1/3 complete

Latest News

WatchingFushigi Yugiand Playing Animal Crossing WW (DS) , Legend of Heroes(psp) Oni(ps2)

Working on Heroes Wanted a one shot comedy fantasy (Outline done mostly)

Currently rewriting Journey to Aster - i first wrote this about two years ago and it really needs rewriting now.

Outline for Voices of the Elements is almost finished (Blocked for ideas for The Gathering and now Rising from the Ashes, still have writers block for Myth and Magick, Searching for Revenge and The Colour War)

Preview - I will be posting some small preview of three upcoming stories, if you like them and want to bug me to death about finishing and posting the rest then email me.

Heroes Wanted

The wind was freezing, but that was to be expected, it was winter after all. Huddled together inside a small cave were six individuals. Well only five of them were huddled together, the sixth a flame haired woman was sitting a short distance apart singing a song that was so bad it would make any sane person feel the urge to go on a murderous rampage or do something of the sort.

The five huddlers turned as one to glare at the woman, one a tall azure haired woman reached down and drew a dagger, and with a strength and skill that be honed to near perfection she grinned and threw it at the singer. The singer ducked her head without stopping, avoiding the dagger that flew passed her and became lodged deep into the stone behind her.

Thus, the attempt to end the song failed. The responsibility fell to the only male of the group, a tall broad shouldered man who looked none too bright. He grinned, untangling himself from the huddle. After walking the short distance to the singer, he reached down and, grabbing the lute on her lap, commenced to smash it against the stonewall of the cave. He smiled as he turned back to the group, giving a thumbs up sign as if to say “Problem solved,” That's when the crying started, followed by a menacing low growl, as the singer, tears running down her face leapt onto the man's wide back.

“You killed Mister Lute! Now I’ll kill you!” The shrieks of pain continued on into the small hours of the night.

That of course is only part of what happened, why were they in that cave? What would possess one to name a lute Mister Lute? To answer these questions you have to go back in time, not far mind you, only five or so days.


Voice of the Elements


They are fickle things, some you remember in great detail and remain deeply ingrained into your brain, never to be forgotten for the rest of your days. Some are fleeting things – image of events so vague they leave you wondering if they ever happened at all.

The creation of the Knight Guardians is an memory that the Gods themselves truely only vaguely remember. Only scatterings of why they were created have survived to this day and then only a few wise souls have that knowledge.

In the time of my youth and for many generations before me, the promise of the Knight Guardians existed, but not the actual Guardians themselves. We were told in song and tale of a time yet to come when eight guardians would emerge to save the world from a time of darkness. They would wield weapons of great power and none could stand against them and expect to survive.

The Weapons of Peace were found one summer a century before my birth – a scroll lay beside the weapons declaring the existance of two 'guardians' for the knights – One is myself 'The Eternal Voice' the other is Calin 'The Keeper of the Weapons of Peace'. The Scroll also stated that the Knights would be female and each weapon would only respond for its chosen Knight.

After the weapons were found, Gatherings were held every twenty years at the Temple of the Elements near the town of Shamira. None of these were sucessful until I reached my eighty-fourth year of life.

My name is Ciaran. I'm sure that anyone reading this would have expected the Keeper to narrate this, just as he did for the initial formation of the Knight Guardians, but as I too am one of the guardians guardians, so to speak, I felt it only right that I narrate the sad events that followed the gathering and formation.

One of the duties both Calin and I had was to train the Knight Guardians in their particular weapons – it was a daunting task made no easier with the current muttering of discontent thoughout the realms. Indeed Astra and Wind seemed to have the most trouble in aquiring the skills need to wield their weapons – both were understandable, Astra had to learn to fight with two swords at the same time, while Wind had to learn to wield the Harknonnen, a weapon that I know took Calin the better part of twenty years to learn without injuring those around him.

It provided alot of comic relief but also frustration, they overcame them though – well Wind managed not to stab anyone with her Harknonnen which was a great feat. As they practised and we taught, the tension within the temple was building. The common elementals and the uncommon elementals were involved in an undeclared war. Caolan was actually trying to persuade Askira to ban the teaching of uncommon elementals, it looked like he was suceeding. That of course would prove to be a turning point for events to come.

Journey to Aster

The sound of seagulls woke him from the dark disjoined dream he was having. With a groan he slowly opened his eyes, half expecting the dream to turn into reality. But all that greeted him was a clear blue sky, one that showed no evidence of the previous nights violent storm. He felt what could be sand under his hands and combined with the smell of brine and the squall of the seagulls he assumed he had for some reason beyond his understanding washed up upon a beach.

He struggled to sit up, winching as he did so, he would experience the effects of being tossed around on a violent sea for some time. Looking around he knew he had indeed been shipwrecked upon a sandy beach. There was little to no evidence of the ship he had been on – a few planks of wood and some odd pieces of rope.

A sound from behind him made him freeze. Slowly he twisted in the direction of the sound and was greeted with a wide grin.

“You’re awake!” the person behind the grin exclaimed. The grin came from a lean built youth of sixteen or seventeen. His blonde hair looked like it hadn’t been combed in months, nor washed either judging from the darkness of the blonde. The youth had deep blue eyes that showed no sign of malice and he wore the tattered remains of a coarse black shirt and similar coloured pants. He had no footwear, but that wasn’t unusual among the poorer people.

“My name is Salsan” the youth continued, oblivious to the scrutiny he was being given. “And you my friend are lucky to be alive”

He nodded “I know Salsan I know” he looked around again briefly “Do you happen to know where I am?”

“Feif” came the reply “ The Province of Feif to be more exactly friend….what is your name by the way?”

“Jacob, Jacob Varquez” Jacob without thinking held out his hand, mentally he cursed himself, what if this Salsan was really a bandit of some sort? Then again if that were so he would be bonded and gagged or possibly dead already if that were the case. His father had always said he was too trusting for his own good and the readiness in which he gave his name was a result of this.

“Varquez?” Salsan mused, “That name sounds familiar, Astirean isn’t it?” At Jacob’s nod he smiled “What would an Astirean be doing washed up on a beach halfway across the world from his homeland?”

Jacob sighed “I didn’t plan on this happening you know” he glanced around at the small sandy beach, a light wind was blowing, carrying a variety of sounds that only served to remind him how far from home he really was.

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