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Me-Once again, i'm changing my bio!

Davis-That's how many times in like...uhhhh in 5 months!

Me-I don't remember!

Henry-It's called sarcasm!

Terriermon-So, that's what it's called, you don't have to teach me that!

Me-Hey! Canada and fellow fanficians! Yes i do live in an igloo and eat blubber! And you thought you had it tough!

Davis-You are such a loser, i don't know why i work with you!

Me-I don't know why i hired you in the first place! Me-I am currently in the middle of so, many fics! That i actually took somee down, i bet you didn't even notice!

Davis-That's cause they were crap!

Me-Why i oughta!

Terriemon-Are you going to tell your friends you got beat by a turkey?

Me-No, I'll tell them i got beaten by writers block! He's the most evil monster you can ever deal with, but not getting reviews is just as bad! So please review, i don't care if you didn't like it just humor me and say it was the world's greatest story!

Davis-Let me guess your secret power is the power to be modest?

Me-And yours must be the power to be annoying!

Davis-Nah! it's just a talent!

Henry-If you think were giving up you have a million things coming!

Me-What he said! Me-A little about moi...
Bonjour mes amis! Je suis une fille et 17 ans. J'habite dans Canada. J'ai un frere, une souer, un pere, et une mere. Dans ma famille J'ai trois chiens, quatre chats, et huit osieau an 1 horse. I know my french is bad! .

Suzie-What are they talking about, could they hurry it up!

Davis-Your not the only one thinking that!

Me-I hate you!

Kazu-Nerdy is as Nerdy does!

Me-Uhh..thanks Kazu, i think! Well a little bout me, i am in grade 12, and in like 2 months i'll be turning 18! Yippee! Drinking in Quebec! Anywho, i live in Canada where i was born and most likely die in!

Aerika-I thought it but you said it!

Me-Ppl do you mind! I'm trying to talk here! Let's continue, I'm your typical 17 year old right? Well i hate to break it to you but your so wrong! You of all ppl should know, if your reading this your no normal person! Anyway's I'm going to stop bothering you for now! (Technically we are special)

Davis-We don't mind! Me-I like any anime, if it's on i'll watch it! Easy as that!

Davis-You like digimon the best right?

Me-Of course...not! It used to be digimon, but i know have a new passion! InuYasha..I know it's the new hype, but i just can't help it! Inu is so damn hott! I love to talk! I really, really do! If you want to chat e-mail me at [email protected] or use that for msn, aim- moonberry2004 yim- lello_ducky

Davis-lello_ducky, lello_ducky what type of name is that?

Me-What type of name is loser goggle wearing boy sound?

Matt-Moving right along folks, keep it moving. Our next stop on the tour will be the forrest of irrelavant road signs, no pictures please!

Me-Yippee! A forrest!

One Night by awaitinglove reviews
[COMPLETE] He was the writer, the musician, the skater, the loner. We were off to college but then one little problem stands in the way...he gets me pregnant. Preview: 'So, you lied to him? ' Kristy asked softly. Yes, I did. I lied.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 15 - Words: 30,496 - Reviews: 990 - Favs: 1,425 - Follows: 196 - Updated: 2/3/2007 - Published: 6/16/2006 - Complete