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First off, sorry to those who want me to work on my story I have stated, but due to the reasons it started and my lack of ability to continue it.. It most likely won’t be worked on for a long long long while. Which some can tell just by the last dates update. That story was started when I was high school and was mused by my ever growing depression as a coming out bi girl who well.. crushed on a straight girl + a lot of teenage angst. If I can ever get myself in the correct mindset, I will do my damnedest to try and continue the story, but due to the differences in myself they style and story might lack from what it once started out as.

Anyways, onward with about myself.

So, let’s see. All my life I've gone by my nick name Mikie. So lets just call me that from here on, or Sour-Chan, which was a nickname during my high school years. As of right now ( March 7, 2007) I'm 21 years of age. My enjoyments in life are purely from much reading of wonderful lesbian stories, or at least femalexfemale related stories. During the time I don't get to read (Which is a lot more frequent as of late) I enjoy watching anime, listening to music (mostly older stuff.. has not radio and doesn't keep up with the world.), and hanging out on Gaia online. And when I don't get to do those, most the time I'm working, which seems to be the large chunk of my life now. I get to work at the not so joyful place of Wal-Mart. Humm, lets see what else to say... Ah, well if you have yet to figure out yet from reading before, I am bi, though I prefer girls waaay more then I do guy. Though, I really have no room to speak, because well I have yet to be in a relationship or anything. So that is yet another reason writing for me these days seems to be lacking, I wouldn't want to write anything too TV fake, I prefer the real sides to stories. Anyways, can't think of much to put about myself... so that's it for now.

Oh, and I’d like to say to anyone who enjoys lesbian fics, go read Knightmare Elite stuff. It’s my favorite stories to read, even if it’s over and over again.

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Just a bit how I've been feeling lately.
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