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Update as of 12/7/2010:

Hello all! I am still alive and slowly, but surely working on some new stuff. It's just going at a snail's pace. For some reason this one particular oneshot is really difficult for me to write and perhaps has the most drafts and rewrite to date. It's probably still going to come out really raw and messy, but I think trying to get the right tone and emotion across is what's keeping things at a standstill. Anyway, I am working on it and hope to bust this out by New Year's or Christmas. Maybe end of December? It may be a seasonal story. Not sure yet.

On that note, I am also looking into revamping the profile page. I kind of want to create a new blog/tumblr where I will move most of what's on my profile to the site. I also want a place where I can discuss writing more at length and to invite you all to come and discuss with me. One of the sad things about fictionpress right now is how all the great writers having left the site due to the horrible cases of plagiarism. Still, there are some writers still around, some lurking in the corners, some returning, and some who haven't written anything but really should. I know there are a bunch of sites out there already devoted to talking about writing, the path to publishing, etc. But I guess I'm looking for a different discussion. I guess you have to wait and see what I want to get at. It's more going to be me putting my thoughts out there and wanting some response to inspire me for future stories. Also, I love hearing from you all, from simple questions to simple comments. I always go back to reread what you have to say and they always motivate me and inspire me to write things.

Anyway for now, if you guys want to talk or have any questions, feel free to use the formspring. A few of you surprisingly have used it and asked me about future works, so I try to use it to let you all know my progress (or lack thereof).

Until the next update, keep happy!

About me:

Check out my blog (click the homepage link) if you want to know.


A Complicated Friendship: After years of toil, laziness, and disdain, the story has been finished. It's still imperfect, still horrible in my opinion, but it's done. For me, what's there is more of a draft/outline of what I want to do in the future. But who knows when I will ever get around to revising what I have. Still, it's my baby, perhaps the first real story I ever completed. And while it's a rushed ending, it's an ending at the very least. I do plan on writing a sequel, soon, but who knows really. I've decided that when it comes to this story, I really should stop making promises I cannot keep. This story was something that styaed with me through junior high/high school. But since I am now going to college, it's an end of my childhood I guess. So it's symbolic in a way. But always, Will, Holly, and Victoria will stay with me.

Best Friends: This story kind of came to me in the shower. I was agonizing over what short story I should write about to submit to a creative writing workshop and instead my mind was thinking about romance fics. This came to me unexpectantly and I really like the story because it's simple, not dramatic, and short. Lately I've been in a stump when it comes to all of my writings, from my long fics to my one-shots. So I'm just glad to have a story out, despite how short it is. Hopefully I'll get out of my stump soon. Anyway the point of the story is to show what is one of the reasons why I think having a best friend for a boyfriend/girlfriend is good. I was trying to go for a bit of a twist with the story at the end as well, and hopefully I was able to convey that properly. Also it's to show that behind every good relationship, I truly believe that a friendship is what makes a relationship special. It's one thing to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but it's another to have a best friend too.

Friday Night: Okay, this story I wrote in sixth grade and continued on. I swear to God I never meant for it to turn all Alias (which is a great show by the way) but it did. I'm still proud of it though, despite how horrible it is. This story is what got me into writing, it made me happy to write it, and I love it with all my heart. Despite the little reviews, this story is my baby. I am planning a sequel, which I hope to turn the story 120 degrees and so on. But I will not edit this story or change it because it shows all my strengths and weaknesses and it is what started me out in writing. So yeah, just a little info about this story for all of you to know (if you even care, hehe).

Falling Into a Fairytale: Ah, another story like Friday Night. I created it when I still did not write that well. In fact, I wanted so desperately for reviews that I started the whole "create- your- own- character" thing just so I can get reviews. I am glad I started this story, although I never finished it. It allowed me to piece together ideas and now I have a whole new vision for this story. I had started a revised version of this but removed it. It wasn't going the way I wanted it to go. This story is going to be remade, and will be another story. I will keep or not some characters. But I thank whoever reviewed this story and wanted to be a character. You guys helped me create a wonderful story that I can't wait to rework again. I am keeping this story under the Finished section because in a way it's done. I just want it on this site so it can show me how much I improved and it can be a reference for the future.

Shoelaces Undone: This is just a story I wrote very suddenly. The idea came to me out of nowhere, I was just pondering on what would be a cute thing for a guy to do, and apparently that is tying a girl's shoelaces when it comes undone. I was in serious need of doing some writing, but I dreaded working on a story I already have. I wanted something new, short, and to the point. Plus, I really wanted to write a cute one-shot, and so came this story. I love it, it's cute. Just exercise for me, I guess you can say. Hopefully it rivals with some awesome one-shot romances out there, but I doubt it. I still have a long way to go.

Simplicity Always Leads to Drama: With college and life kind of speeding up for me, I found myself not having time to write. Plus every time I try to pick up where I left off with my story, I can't seem to crank anything out. It feels like I have a plug in me somewhere that is keeping all the words inside of me. Anyway, I realized I needed to write something, anything really, and I decided on yet another one shot. And this one is pure cliche fluff and I wanted to just write it. It may not be the most original idea nor the most award winning content, but it's something. I just needed the practice and I still do. This story probably won't have the success Shoelaces Undone has but at least I'm writing. This was just a story I wrote out of nowhere and just decided every moment on a whim. It was suppose to be angsty, but I guess it has a bit of humor in it (although not very good humor).

The Conversation of Letting Go: I actually wrote the beginning of this story for a while and kind of left it in my big folder of "Ideas to Just Sit There for a While". I opened it up one day and felt like continuing it. Amazingly enough, I sat through it till the end and just wrote it all out. The idea of the story is just the same concept at The Girlfriend's Point of View but I find it more elaborate and better writing. However, the descriptions are highly lacking and it's in dialogue form. I guess that kind of cuts the grammar some slack because hey when you talk, you're not always gramatically correct and people do ramble when they talk. Anyway, the style of the fic was inspired by this story I read on the site a long time ago. I have long forgotten the name of the fic and gave up trying to find it (which believe me was a while), but it was a story about a girl who had a big heart who took in a homeless guy who was going to kill himself. It was quite a romantic and humorous story and I wish I could find it again. So if you guys know the story I'm talking about, please tell me. I want to give credit to where it truly belongs and I want to read the fic again. But that whole story was in a dialogue form and so I wanted to try it. It was hard to do without writing descriptions and it made parts of the story awkward, so I truly commend the author of the story I am hoping to find one day. Anyway, this story is to talk about, once again, the second love, and so on. I don't particularly like the writing (descriptions are lacking and I honestly need to work on my narrating skills) and the concept of love isn't original. Again, I need inspiration, but hey this was like a practice for me.

The Girlfriend's Point of View: A start of a series (info on that below). Anyway, it's my first story where I look outside the box and it sort of allowed me to be more open minded and notice other characters and point of views that are out there for me to explore. I will edit it one day, it's even bothering me that it needs to be seriously improved. But for now I'll just let it stay the way it is until I feel I have grown as a writer.

Thank You- Her Point of View: Second in the point of view series, although it doesn't matter really which story is first, second, and so on. Anyway, I had an idea for another story, The Other Woman- Her Point of View, but I had writer's block. Suddenly it's like Friday, it's late at night, and I can't go to sleep. I take out two pieces of paper and this pen I had never used before, and was like how about I just write whatever comes to mind. Suddenly I started writing the words to the beginning of this story. It seemed like it would a poem, but soon I got so into it. It became a whole new story. I ended up not being able to sleep; I was just laying on my bed thinking about this story. The next day, I wrote it all. However, the ending really got to me though, it wasn't perfect like I wanted it. Plus the whole order of the story and my grammar is a bit messy- going from present tense to past tense to future tense, but oh well. Anyway I know there aren't any names whatsoever in this story, but that's on purpose. I didn't want to go deep into the character like that, just the thoughts. The story I guess, can apply to anyone who had a hard time letting go of their first love and moving on. That is why there are no names. Though none of this ever really happened to me, I was always curious as to how a person moves on from their love and all that. I hope I did justice to the feelings. If not, oh well. I exaggerated I guess. But I am really proud of this story. It was one of those rare creations that I could do in one whole day- that is how much I loved it. All in all, this story is about moving on from your first love and in the end realizing that your first love will always be in your heart, even if you end up loving someone else. So I guess this is a tribute to all those people who allowed others to learn what love really means.

The Point of View Series:

Okay, I just want to explain about this series that has already been started by The Girlfriend's Point of View. This series are just stories, most 1/1 fics or if I get really into it, a bit more than 1 chapter (which is unlikely). This series is just fics about random people in random situations, and how they see things. It can be about a predictable love story between two people, or it can be about the "other" man or woman, and so on. This series is just to get a view through some character's eyes who we never thought of looking through. These stories will usually be rushed, they won't go too much into detail about the situation (at least I don't think they do) and will just be more about the character's emotions. It's a good way for me to practice my writing and try out new writing strategies.


Feel free to contact me. We can talk about shows, etc. I would also like to say thank you for those who review. You guys mean so much to me!

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