Dove and Thalia
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Thalia: Hello there! *waves* My name is Thalia, and this here is the wonderful Dove! *Holds up "Tremble Before Us" sign*

Dove: is being evil and not letting us upload our collaboration ficcies to both accounts. So we had to make a new one. And now we get to fill it with fics. Whee!!!

Thalia: Since these ARE Collab fics, this means that there were two brilliant minds working on them, rather than just one! So this warrants lots and lots of happy reviews!

Dove: Twice as many, in fact. Because we're needy that way. On another note, we're both crazy obsessive crewmembers on many SHIPs at FictionAlley... most of them unusual. So don't be too scared of the weird and complex romances we weave. Because they make sense if you read them. No, really. REALLY.

Thalia: So READ THEM *brandishing Chinese sword* You WILL read them, riiiight???

Dove: *sweatdrops* Maa, maa, it's OK. We can BOTH go after them with swords if they don't. *strokes katana lovingly* They'll read them. Trust me. I must be a Seer...

Thalia: Yep! This is fun! *notices readers still there* What on Earth are you still doing here?! WHY AREN'T YOU EAGERLY READING OUR WORK RIGHT NOW?!

Dove: We leave you on that point, before one or both of us goes homicidal. Do read the fanfics. We promise a jolly good time. *waves readers towards fics* Go on, then! We'll see you on the review board... or else.