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'Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. Some have greatness thrust upon them!' Twelfth Night Right.

Well, after everybody left a while ago - you know, when Cassie was booted off - well, I sort of went with them. However , I did leave my fics up. Haven't had many reviews, per se, but is a good site, so there you go.

The other two excellent fansites I can recommend are and the SuqarQuill , which is where I've been reading things for the past months.

Now, a little about my tired self. Name : Andy. Age : 15. That's the important stuff, really. I've only dabbled in Harry Potter fanfiction, so far, with about three unfinished fics *cringes*.

The Blue Unicorn and The Werewolf are my very first fics, set in the time of MWPP. They're supposed to be an adaptation of the real Harry Potter books, except following James through his time at Hogwarts. Being my earliest fics, however, don't expect a great deal ;).

Back to the Future is a little more obscure. It is based around James Potter, and is actually a time-travelling fic. BTTF is completed and, unsurprisingly, the newly-uploaded Back to the Future II follows on from it.

Lord of the Stone is nnot archived here at However, it is a fic centred around Hermione in an Alternate Universe. Harry never went to Hogwarts and thus Lord Voldemort was able to gain control of the Philosopher's Stone. The story can be found over at .

That's really all about my fics, then. If you're interested, nip over and join the Boden-Smith group, the URL of which is given in my homepage. It's just a place where we sit around, chat, fill in surveys, all that Aussie-induced nonsense. Drop by anytime :).

Enough from me, then. If you're ever stuck for fanfiction, hop over to Schnoogle and check out any of the following authors: Cassandra Claire, Barb, A.L. Milton, Rhysenn, AngieJ, Al - well, the list is endless. Over at SugarQuill there are people like SugarQuill, Arabella, Hallie, Zsenya, Moey etc. All is good. If anyone is ever interested in contacting me then either email me at the given address, or speak to me on AIM (above), MSN ([email protected]) or Yahoo Messenger (andrei31uk).