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News: This is an official announcement, stating that Dawnspirit has left fictionpress.com. This bio (which I haven't bothered to update since 2002 sometime) will remain because I can't be bothered to clear it out.


Name: Dawnspirit

Real name: Uh huh sure, I'm really gonna put it here, where everyone can see it. However, I will tell you that if I had been born a boy, I would have been called Matthew. Thank God I wasn't...

Nicknames: Dawnspirit, DS, Dawn, Dictionary on legs, TB (Stands for tomboy), Bitch. (I'm generally called this by everyone at school so I consider it a nickname)

Age: None of your buisness. Alright I'm in my teens.

Star sign: Aries.

Popularity: Low. loads of people hate me because I stand up for myself, but you get used to it. I'm getting more popular on the internet though.

Nature: Tomboylike outspoken arguementative. I am really bad tempered and I don't think I've mentioned that if people get on the wrong side of me, I'm normally the one that comes out smiling, so in other words DON'T ANNOY ME! However, if people are nice to me, I'll be perfectly pleasant towards them. If people are nice and I get on with them, I'll always be friends with them, regardless of how low they think of themselves, or what other people think of them. I am completely honest and I'll always stand by my friends. I am very stubborn and strong willed. I'm kinda a mixture and I do have quite a few good points, but then again I have just as many bad points...

Nationality: English and proud of it. I live in South east England, right next to the sea.

Skills: Writing horseriding annoying my mates...

Reputation: *sings* I don't give a damn about my bad reputation... Only joking!

Things that scare me: Snakes, big spiders,my biology teacher.

Do I play any instruments?: Yup, I play the guitar but I want to play the piano.

Do I like the place where I live?: NO!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Ok I think you get the point.


PS games: Rayman 1, Rayman 2, Rayman rush, Crash bandicoot, Spyro one, two and three, the winners circle, riding star.

PC games: The sims, the sims house party, the sims hot date, the sims unleashed, the sims on holiday, the sims livin it up. Basically I love the sims! I used to like Titanic: Adventure out of time but I saw someone getting electrocuted in the electric bath, got seriously freaked out about it, gave the game to my cousin and turned the whole thing into a story. I am such a sad act, I tend to turn everything into a story when I'm bored.

Colour: Blue

Films: Monsters inc, Goldmember, Shrek.

Books: Harry Potter 1 2 3 and 4, Titanic: An illustrated history, Turn of the tide, Heidi, Goodnight Mr Tom, the Sherlock Holmes books. Ooh, ooh, ooh, I found a new favourite book!!! It's called Mirror Dreams, it's by Catherine Webb and it's excellent! If you haven't read it already, READ IT! Yes I'm talking to you. *Glares at person reading her bio*

Sports: Kung Fu. Horse riding, Badminton, raquetball.

School subjects: English, Graphics, History, IT. Don't write me down as a complete school nerd, I'm not, I just enjoy some subjects and I work hard in them. And anyway, I hate languages, sciences and maths! So I am NOT a school nerd!

Food: Fish and chips! I am SUCH a peasant...

Actors: Mike Myers, Rowan Atkinson, Gordon Kaye.

Actress: Paulette Ivory.

What my room looks like: Like a bomb has hit it.

Things I need to work on: Keeping my temper, having patience, remembering not to thump someone if they annoy me.

Likes: Animals, writing, Kung Fu, my PS, my XP, horseriding,

Dislikes: Racism, Animal cruelty, Animal testing, people who flame for no reason, fox hunting, boys who are assholes, ALL the boys at my school 'cos they are malicious little b*ds, yes ever single one of them, my headmistress, my form tutor (She is a WITCH) the film "Titanic", my parents half the time, my head of year, my old PE teacher, my dad cos he's always having a go at me. The bitches at my school. Ooohh look at all the things I hate! Cheerful little madam, aren't I?!

What I'm completely fascinated by: The Titanic. And no I don't mean the film, I mean the ship. In my opinion, the film cocked things up completely.

Stories I'm writing that aren't coming up on ff.net:

Titanic: Adventure out of time.
Yup, It's based on the game but REALLY different. If anyone would like to see some of it, drop us an e-mail and we'll talk. Hmmmm, I'm wavering a bit on this now... It might come up, I'm not sure now.


"So what do you do then? Pull off an immaculate flying kick? Or do you disarm him with amazing dexterity and skill?"
"Er, well not exactly Zara. You run like hell and hope he doesn't hit a vital organ." Coby Thorpe and Zara Zlata. - Titanic: Adventure out of time. (My story)

"That's the stuff that eats the stuff that eats the green stuff." One of my friends in reply to the question: What is a secondry carnivore?

"Well he says that he tried to pull out of it."
"Pull out of it?! The only way you can pull out of a flying kick once you've jumped, is to flap your arms and hope you get airborne!"- Me and one of my friends at Kung fu.

"Well that would be because she's nice. You are just a complete toe rag." one of my fathers friends in reference to my father.

"She cannot carry a tune in a bucket" Rene from "'Allo 'Allo in reference to his wife.

"There are only two things I hate in this life: People who are intolorent of other poeples cultures, and the Dutch." Nigel Powers. Austin Powers, Goldmember.

"If you think I'm thinking what I think you think I'm thinking, you can think again." Me

"What d'you think I am, a table on legs?"
"Tables do have legs." Me and Dad.

"Oh nothing much, I was only torn from my body, thrown across the hall of doors, slammed into the wall opposite and dropped a few feet onto my head but y'know, nothing much." Sasha. "The final fight"

"Oi! Electric boy, we're going!"
"Call him properly!"
"C'mere properly!" Coby Thorpe and Maria Cortez- Titanic: Adventure out of time. (My story)

"Yeah, sorry I'm late. I was busy having a nice big Christmas family arguement."- Me

Special thanks go to:

TurquoisePhoenix: For being my first ever reviewer and for her support, encouragement and positive feedback on my Rayman fanfiction. Also for writing "Veil of Darkness", I can't get enough of that story! You're fantastic!

Chibiheartdragon: For partially dedicating her bio to me and seriously boosting my confidence at the same time. And for the positive reviews.

Special message to all Rayman fanfiction writers:
You're all fantastic and I love you all! *Sends a huge hug and a wave across cyberspace*

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