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Pen name: Kirei Assassin

Name: Aijana

Pronunciation: Well, some friends pronounced it as (A-ya-na)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Height: 158-160 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Hair color: copper blonde

Eye color: sapphire

Complexion: fair

fave color: blue and black

fave food: lasagna, pizza, junk food

hobbies: reading, writing, watching tv, surfing the net and shopping, night parties and sleep-overs

fave flower: chinese peony, peach/cherry blossom, lily

fave subject: English, History

Least fave subject: Geometry

Scool Group: CheerLeading Squad, X Diversity Dance Group


card captor sakura, hunter x hunter, yu yu hakusho and rurouni kenshin.

FAVE Anime Couples:

Kaoru/Kenshin, Yuri/Yanagiba, Misao/Aoshi, Sano/Megumi, Machi/Hisoka, Shizuku/Shalnark, Soujiro/Kaoru, Soujiro/Misao and many more!!!

FAVE anime Character (girl): machi, kaoru, yuri, misao, etcetera...

FAVE anime character (boy): kenshin, soujiro, hiei etcetera...

Okay, that's about it. I'm gonna update my bio often. but anyway, i'm still a beginner and i'm busy with my studies. well, my first priority is studies. but i love writing too, and i assure you all stories will be finished.

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