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Okay, new profile time. I'm just another lowly writer with too many words cluttering my mind... I think this comes as a result of too much caffeine to compensate for not enough sleep. Or maybe I'm just weird. Probably both.

Hmm, let's see... what can I say that's interesting? Not much. I like writing (obviously), running, astronomy, James Bond, tae kwon do (I'm a red belt), Las Vegas, eighties cartoons, and playing the most wonderful musical instrument known to civilized man, the French Horn. I also have a strange obsession with Shakespeare, and I'm convinced that Ross from 'Macbeth' is evil. (Roman Polanski thought so, too!) Rock the mullet.

I started out with a lot of Lord of the Rings fan fics, but that's died out as of late... it may return when The Two Towers comes out, though. ^_^ Right now, my primary focus is Harry Potter, but I'm also a very devoted Alias fan, as you probably guessed by my pen name. (I've got a huge Alias story in the works at if you're interested) Eventually, an Alias fic will get posted here, but that's still a ways off. ^_^ But anyway, Harry Potter. Harry Potter rules. I'm a mad Dumbledore/McGonagall shipper, and every HP story I write has them paired off except the angsty Salazar Slytherin one. I also love stories about the Founders. If you've written one or know about one out there, PLEASE TELL ME. I will read and review no matter what.

Quick list of faves, because it's 3:30 A.M. and I have nothing better to do.
Food - Sushi. And chocolate.
Drink - Anything with caffeine.
Book - 'Catch-22' by Joseph Heller. Yossarian lives!
Song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show - The Time Warp
Character in 'Alias' - Marshall, followed closely by Weiss.

February 2, 2003: FINISHED 'TRUST ME'!!! Oh yeah! *dances around* 'Trust Me' is my pride and joy, so if you haven't read it... you know what to do. ^_^

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AD/MM forever!

That's all for now. Later.