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My current obsession is X-men: Evolution, so please enjoy. My favorite character is Nightcrawler, so the fuzzy little elf receives some special attention. Recent obsessions include Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX, of which Irvine and Zidane are my favorites. (I must have something for the ladies' men.) Anyhow, read and enjoy. Feedback is wonderful, though I won't hold a story for ransom if nobody says anything. (Fanfiction is all about self-indulgence, if nothing else.)

On reviewing: I usually only read stories that have been completed and tend to be on the long side. I read very, very quickly, so if it's shorter than, oh, 20,000 words, I tend to skip over it in favor of something a little bit more drawn out. If you would like for me to read your story, specifically, let me know via e-mail. Bad grammar will slide (and be pointed out) but profuse spelling erros/typos that can be prevented by hitting the "spell check" button will result in a rant on something called "proof-reading." I have a strong aversion to self-insertion and "original character" stories, but I *can* be won over if it's done well.

Enough of being pretentious... On to the fics...

Last update 10/13/02 11:07 PM EST. The first part of "Where the Girls Are" is now up on FFN!