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Last updated: January 4, 2003

Vera: Hi everybody! I’m Vera and Welcome to… dun dun dun MY BIO!

Yami Vera: And I, unfortunately, am her yami.

Vera: *sniffle* Meany head. But don’t worry about her. She’s actually really nice! At least to me.

Yami Vera: . Don’t push it aibou.

Vera: ^^U Ochay yami. Anywhoo, I have decided to split my bio in half! AND make it easier to read! YAYNESS! The first half will be about me! The second, about my Yami! This idea was inspired after reading Mystery's bio. Go check out her kawaii stuff!!


Real Name: I'm Emily! -^_^-

Sex: Well the name is female and so am I!

Age: *sighs* i'm still 13... my b-day is February 23rd though!

Lives in: Japan (no I'm not Japanese!) [Everybody I talk to says I'm lucky for this ^^U]

Sexuality: I'm straight. (Luv my yami though! ^_^)

Looks: Dark Purple hair that reaches my knees. Streaked in silver, usually done in 2 'down' braids. My eyes are sky blue with a bit of violet in um! Currently my normal outfit is a yellow 'turtle neck' tank top, semi-baggyish worn jeans, lime green & yellow shoes like the Dark Magician Girl's, and a lime green Ozark Trail over shirt jacket thingy... (my dad has one and I luv it!)

Nicknames: Em, or as my Yami calls me aibou.

Millenium Item: Millenium Earing! They're a gold ball covered in hieroglyphs with a thin, semi-long upside down pyramid with the eye of Horus hanging from um. I wear one and my yami wears one! It shifted yes... but this time I think my yami got it stuck in one shape!

Powers: Light, I can do simple healings, telekinesis, and create temporary illusions, a little bit of magic.

RP (Role Play): ABSOLUTELY! I love to Role Play, but hardly nobody RPs with me! *huggles Ozark the MoonHead* Arigato Ozark!!

Favorite YGO Cards: Kurai-Dark Magician ^ Abunai- Celtic Guardian ^ Kaji- Flame Swordsman (^^U ONly Mystery will understand the names)

Fav. Color: Purple baby yeah! I also like lime green and yellow! But purple is numero uno!!

Fav. Food: Hmm….. I like Japanese food so there! How about I say soup noodles and mint chocolate ice cream! I also like CANDY! Lotsa sugar!

Least Fav. Food: Sushi, yuck! Actually I dun like a lot of things...

Can be heard Saying:

‘This is a shitastrefy!’ (hee hee, my word! this is only heard when things get bad)

‘Ochie Pochie!’ (instead of okey dokey)

'Bleeeeeeeeeeee!' (random statment that is, said at random moments)

‘Tra la la la la la la la la….’ (dun ask… i say it when i get bored)

‘Yellow!' (That is my greeting. yellow or jello, depends on my mooooood.)

`If you fall off the horse then you can't ride very well can you?'(I have NO idea...)

Fav. Books: Harry Potter series, The 10th Kingdom, Scribbler of Dreams

Fav. Mangas: Card Captor Sakura, Miracle Girls, Sailor Moon. [I want Angelic Layer!]

Favorite Video Game/System: My new GameCube!! I'd say Mario Party 4 right now! ^_^

Fav. Anime

Yu-Gi-Oh (Just look at my stories!)

Card Captor Sakura (Love that show & manga!)

Dragon Ball Z (I don’t like Dragon Ball and I’ve never seen GT)

Gundam Wing (Go G-boys!)

Fav. Characters:

[Yami, Yugi Mouto, Seto Kaiba, Jounouchi Katsuya, Ryou & his Yami]

[All G-boys, Dorothy, Hilde]

[Sakura, Tomoyo, Eriol, Syaoran, Yue, Toya]

[Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Piccolo, Perfect Cell, Android 18]

Fav. Yaoi Couples:

Yami/Yugi (they look so cute together)

Seto/Jou (kawaii!)

Ryou/Bakura (hee hee, I think they’re a good couple)

Goten/ Trunks (the only DBZ yaoi couple I like at all)

Yuki/Touya (awww)

Draco/Harry (I have grown to luv!!)

Sirius/Remus (* kawaii!!)

Syaoran/Eriol (WAI! I like the Het. ones but this is cute too!)

Fav. Non-Yaoi couples:



Quatre/Dorothy (Don’t ask)





Goku/Chi Chi


Past Times:

Drawing, Internet, Reading, Working on getting up a web page, Internet, Duel monsters… did I mention Internet? Online Quizzes, Writing [how did I miss that one?, Fan Art [Still nobody to review my work! Pleeease somebody looky at my stuff?]

Neopets: Yep, If anyone else has a neopet and wants to be ‘neofriends’ my name is- bubble_bee89


Miyukiko Kostelney- I hate her!!


Needles- *shivers*

Really high heights- I'm afraid to fall... (Yami Vera: but she likes roller coasters)

Anzu/Tea- Evile!

Why I want to strangle somebody:

Okay, my friend Sarah and I went to eat at the Eagles Nest (A sit down eat place on base). We waited for 5 minutes before Sarah went up to get our menus cause nobody was serving us! Then 5 minutes later nobody had come to take our order so I got the manager and he asked if anyone had given us the menus and I told them we had to get them ourselves. Then he tells me that's why nobody is waiting on us becuase they all think someone else gave us that menu so I told him that we wouldn't have had to if they would have waited on us in the first place.

So the Manager guy said he would get someone and walked away. A minute later Sarah tells me that the manager hadn't even talked to a waiter and was speaking with other customers. Not once did that man EVER tell anyone about us. Finally, after almost 10 more minutes a waitress finally asked if we had been served, we told her no, and she became our waitress. Then
when we left a lady held open the elevator for us with her daughter. We said thank you and when we left I held the door open for them at the front. NIETHER OF THEM SAID THANK YOU! NOT SO MUCH AS A FRICKEN' NOD!! *deep breathing*

Yami Vera: Calm down aibou!

Vera: Gomen, they just really got me mad! Well, there you go! That's me! Now I'm gonna give you the goods on my yami!

Yami Vera: Ra help me...

ALL ABOUT: YAMI VERA (talked through, by my yami!)

Real Name: Naomi

Age: Shut up.

Lives in: Japan with my hikari.

Sexuality: I'm bi. Not that it's any of your business.

Looks: Dark Blue hair with gold streaks, same length as aibou's, usually done in one braid. My normal attire consists of a forest green halter top, dark jeans tighter than hikari's, black boots, leather jacket. My eyes are dark green with hints of a brighter blue. More blue when I'm happy, less when I'm pissed. (Vera: Yami!)

Nicknames: Na-chan. [nay-chan] Only my aibou can call me that!

Millenium Item: Millenium Earing, the same as aibous. Yes I wear the other one.

Powers: Dark, strong magic, teleportation, attacks. My aibou has attacks but doesn't use them very often.

Favorite YGO Cards: The same as aibou.

Fav. Color: Green and black

Fav. Food: Sushi and spicy foods. Sweets are alright, only a little at a time though. (Vera: *gag*)

Least Fav. Food: Soup noodles and mint chocolate chip ice cream. My aibou is crazy in her taste of food! (Vera: Your the crazy one raw fish-eater!)

Can be heard Saying:


"Ra help me..." (Vera: She always says that!)

"What did I do to deserve this?"

Books I'll read: Mystery books are my favorite.

Mangas: Card Captor Sakura, No need for tenchi

Fav. Video Games/Systems: I do enjoy the GC as well but I prefer Metroid Prime (Vera: I like that un too!)

Favorite Anime: YGO, DBZ

Past times: Reading, writing poems, I draw a little bit, helping aibou with things... (Vera: She sings really good too! Yami Vera: *blush* Quiet aibou...)

Neopets: No, I do not use neopets. I hate the things.

Dislikes: Anzu/Tea, Snow, Etsu-chan (Vera: ^^U I'll explain that another time..)

Warnings: Hurt my aibou, you get hurt worse. Touch my secret candy stash and die. (Vera: *hides stolen candy bar*)

Vera: YAYNESS!! That's my yami!!

Yami Vera: I ment what I said in those warnings. *glare*

Vera: Na-chan, please be nice.

Yami Vera: *rolls eyes* Fine.

Vera: Last thing! MSN Info!

MSN: At the moment my names: Vera! (Yami Vera: Better than the last one!)

MSN Buddies: If you wanna be my buddy just put me ([email protected]) on yer list and I’ll get it! Yee-haw! (Yami Vera: o_O)

MSN Chatting: Last thing ‘bout MSN. It’s not that I never get on like most people think! It’s the time difference!! I live like...11-14 hours ahead of you if your in USA!! Try to time yourself. I’m a day ahead usually. That’s confusing… if you need a better explanation e-mail me at: [email protected]

Vera: TA DA! That's our bios!!

Yami Vera: *shakes head*

Vera: Well…….. now what do I say??

Yami Vera: Don’t look at me. I didn't even want to be here.

Vera: Well, I guess this is goodbye for now. BYE!

Yami Vera: What did I do to deserve this?

Vera: See! She says that a lot! Ja ne!!

Yami Vera: *deep breathing* Ja na.

(Remember! e-mail me at [email protected] )

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