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Blog-ish: On a quiet night, when my morale is at a low from work, I came back and spotted traffic on my first ever story, Melody Untitled. Rare as it was, I am still glad leaving my writings on site managed to give some leisure to others. It's definitely cheered me up a bit to know that. Thanks for reading, and drop me a line if you have any comments. I'm still over at trying to finish a story, and maybe one day I will get one of my ideas down concretely again instead of the variety of organiser softwares I try to use.

(Warning - bio contains some answers from chainletter-type questionnaries... I used to have quite a lot of those things...)
Pen name: December Morning Owl
Gender: Male
Location: Scotland
Starsign: Sagittarius (and it's always so hard to spell)
Ex-Dream place to build a house: "Sweden, i like the cold... the barmaids... the alcohol... and there's something about the name that attracts me." Been there, but haven't built anything yet. It is actually VERY cold, and the alcohol VERY expensive... so i don't know where is a good place for a house, but the Swedish living environment is definitely one of the best in the world.
Most romantic city: Maybe Milan or Venice (been to Rome now, not exactly every corner of Italy is romantic). The cities all provoke thoughts with their buildings or landscapes... from the pictures anyway. Venice is about to sink as far as I know but...
Fav food: Probably chocolate. But there're plenty of things I dont like... General rule is+ meat&fruits, - veg&seafood
Fav animal: Dogs... but I'll probably not get one this life-time, and definitely not in the near future, and unless I really try hard at it.
Fav sports: Quite a few on the list actually, some important ones are badminton, fencing, and basketball.
Fav anime:DBZ, Slam Dunk, Gundam Wing/SEED, FMP, Code Geass and the list goes on... Then again, I perfer many of the mangas over the anime, but I'm digressing.
Fav manga: I''s by Masakazu Katsura, though not so sure now. But there are many others that I really like: Yakitate Japan(turned sour towards the end), Naruto(dragging on...), Flame of Recca, Death Note, S.D.Kenichi, Ranma 1/2, late Ken Akamatsu stuffs, most/all of Adachi Mitsuru stuffs... it goes on...
Fav mangaka: Adachi Mitsuru - enough said.
Fav DS game so far: Jump Ultimate Stars!
Fav PS RPG: Fanl Fantasy 7 (though I played the PC version)
Fav GBA RPG: Golden Sun series, but Gyakuten Saiban series (Phoneix Wright for US) comes a close second. Don't count the 4th one for the DS, it wasn't that good. I think they do plan to make a 5th though, from the way it ended.
Fav SNES RPG of all time: Seiken Densetsu 3
Recommanded SNES RPG: Chorno Trigger(now on PS and DS), Front Mission, StarOcean, Tales of Phantasia, Bahamut Lagoon(ok i'll stop with Squaresoft titles), Lufia series(although the newst two are for GBC and GBA), Breath of Fire 2, Uncharted Waters 2... ok the list can go on forever so i'll stop here. One more thing - SNES days are the best.

Projects in progress(slow or fast, writing or in planning, whatever):

RPG Cliché - On hiatus indefinitely. Gaming has changed far too much and the audience may not understand my out-of-date jokes if I tried. The theme and atmosphere of the story will most likely change as well if I pick this up again but hopefully it'll still be a good read. If anyone wants to pick it up though, I do have many notes and ideas to pass on as well.

Adachi's Short Program series inspired compilation - This has pretty much turned into a .txt list of ideas that hit me, vaguely relating to romance, under the code name "Cupid", in which I know I can spin a story out of if I tried. I will not divulge the 'link' between the stories here as I haven't started the compilation yet... This will probably be an on-going project fuelled by only moods and atmosphere if it ever gets going. Short stories were never my forte after all.

A sitcom - Four people living together. Two players and two losers, two guys and girls. All are typical but all are quirky in their own respects. A social experiment on an age-old question regarding the dating game. If I have more experience or help in sitcom sketching, I'm sure this will lift off. Almost started on it when the Script Frenzy...

Untitled Fantasy - A team project between me and a fellow writer and friend. We talked about this during summer 2007, and it got underway. Progress kinda died, we don't have much attention span...

Another Fantasy - My own this time. Got prologue and chapter 1. Couldn't resist the temptation and started this but now regret starting it at all. The passion for this was once so strong but kinda died after writing those, probably quite poor, chapters... It's really not easy to take up on such a big project for someone in my current reality. I'm actually tempted to just delete what I've written.

Age of Sails - It's a Choice Of... game - but playing it started a period of fascination regarding boats, ships, pirates etc. Pirate of Caribbean failed spectacularly in doing so, but after Age of Sails, I even started reading Treasure Island. I even have most of the plot planned and it feels like it'll turn into a good story. Once again though, considering I haven't even finished reading Treasure Island, I doubt I can start this soon... I'm not hot on the idea of starting this for Nanowrimo though, I want to do it justice.

Nanowrimo 2010 - Yes, I couldn't help myself after knowing of this event from reading another author's story... I never made it unfortunately, and that was with slacking off at work to write! It's a story that's the reverse of normal guy travelling to fantasy world - the fantasy prince finds himself in the body of a bullied boy. Of course, there is a main twist in the story as well. Think it'd actually make a good one season Anime actually. Doubt I'll pick this up and in hindsight, this is not a good story for a quick fire.

My Robot Girlfriend - No, that's not my story. I read the book as it was free, and for me, the twist was that it didn't go with the Terminator Rule. But I didn't like it because it didn't follow the rule, with the whole book written so sunshine and cute. I want to write something that is in direct contrast to it, but fooling others into thinking it's the same for as long as possible until the end of the book.

Many others - They're kinda just padded out ideas, developed over time when inspiration strikes. Not enough for the full bodied novel, but a structure of sorts. They are all different genres I'd like to give a try if I have the time. Ranges from something like Full Metal Panic, to a Gundam-themed post-apocalyptic idea, even to a short Thriller. Ever growing new story ideas also include another post-apocalyptic dark-ish fantasy, a potential harem manga and a TV reality game show. Someone should pluck my brains for all these, I think, prosperous ideas! If only one was rich and have bundles of free time eh?

Finished projects:

A Melody Untitled - My first posted and finished story. The main plot flows around the seemingly 'perfect' basketball captain who has a regret tugging behind him and a dreadful loud-mouth gossip queen waiting in front. Apart from the main plot, there are other sub-plots in the story revolving around the 'Square'. It's pretty much six romance stories with one more prominent as guide. I don't see much romance pieces with a male lead around here, and this was one of the longest ones around.
Completion time - around a year... not counting the years I've spent trying to write my numerous first chapters of course... Currently the oldest 6000words+ completed story there is in the section...

My Legend - My second completed novel. The main character leads a peaceful life in a rural village - until a world-famous pop star moves in with him. Clichéd as that may sound, the main character doesn't fall in love with her at first sight, but even accepted a job to try and ruin her career. If that was not enough, her arrival somehow changed the distance between him and the girl he currently has feelings for - by making him into the school's badminton club's savior. He may be happy about that development, but his old childhood friend and crush just had to have the total opposite fate. This story is far from troubles around this quadrilateral, with stems of a love rival, an oblivious jock, a nosy under-classman, villians, fake actors, a mischievous sister, badminton talents... the list goes on. Another rare romance with a male lead, with what I believe is a truly twisting plot worthy of being broadcast as one of those hit US series and more.
Completion time - Counted wrong the first time cause of the site's reversed dating system, but this story actually took me about five and a half years! Granted, there have been long hiatuses but the fact that this story spanned half a decade is really something. It's also almost four times the length of my first novel... Looking back, I really wonder if I can do something like this again... Probably - if I still have a lifestyle that could offer me as much free time as I had, maybe more. Youth sure flies by quicker than you know it.

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