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Geez, I'm ment to write a bio? Oh, man! I suck at bios. I'm not good at writing about myself, anyway, these are my feeble attempts at one.

My name is Libbie, its a nickname and no, me real name isn't Elizabeth or any of the sort. Just don't ask where then did I get my nickname from, a long story consisting of my friends at school. Only one clue, my real name does start with an 'L'

I live on the continent and country of Down Under. Now, don't get the wrong impression, I don't live in the bush, and kangaroos aren't common in the areas I live in. But possums do live here and they can become really annoying at some stages. But they are very cute!

Ok, my stories are pretty lame I must admit. I first started at and found out that was new so I decided to see whether I could write. I know, my stories are really bad, but please excuse it. I'll be glad that at least someone would review my stories and I'd be ecstatic if someone said my story are OK. That way I know that my stories are acceptable to be called stories at all. Plus, I'm starting to write poems, but I'm not that good at it, obviously, as it hasn't even gotten a single review. I doubt anyone's ever read it... Maybe I'll just stick to writing lame stories as I was before...

If you want to read real good fantasy stories, unlike mine, I reccomend my friend. She goes by the name of Lostithiliel. I guess its elvish. Haven't actually asked her about it. Anyway, she's really talented at all sorts of stuff, though she won't admit it. Especially art and literature.

Here's her bio page:

And her 'homepage' is: http:///libr/t/r/triciasaw2/triciasaw2.html

There's a really good story that she's written, and I'm depressed that I'm the only one that's bothered to review it. So, I'm hoping, that if I advertise this certain story on my bio, people will hopefully read it and review it, coz it's really good!

Here's the webpage:

On her 'homepage' at elfwood, it even got a mod's choice. And for those who don't know what that means, in elfwood there are moderators who read your stories and view your artwork before it gets posted on the site as they are the ones who rate whether it fits that certain category or not. And that story 'judgment' was rated a favourite from one of the moderators. By the way, a moderator is a normal human being just like you and me. So PLEASE read it! It's really very good!

And she's gonna kill me when she finds out that I've been trying to showcase her stories via my bio...anyway...

Or, and if you're interested in fanfiction, like The Three Ninjas and Harry Potter, I reccomend my other friends: Ninjix and Mags

Their bios:
Ninjix -
Mags -

They're much better than me in English and stuff...but I'm proud to say that I'm better in sport, though Ninjix would kick me if she ever read this...ahem, but she wouldn't if she said I was better than her in I'm boasting, am I? Oh well...

Oh, remember how I said I started off at, so, obviously I write fanfic. I'm a sort of massive Dark Angel fan (major M/L shipper) and if you wanna have a look at my even lamer fanfics just go to
There's an even lamer bio for that one...anyway...need to go...

signing off

PS. Some of the stories I've done AGES ago...and you can tell how lame they are. The more recent stories are 'The Accident', 'Rest in Peace', 'Home Burial' and 'Sometimes' done this year, except for 'Sometimes' which was done during an english lesson last year.

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