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HolaHola! Tis me, Rachie!!

If I seem a little, erm, weird, it's cause my friends like Jay have rubbed off on me. I have a horribly twisted sense of humour. And even though I'm American, I have the habit of spelling things the British/Canadian way. Instead of color, I type colour. Instead of humor, I use humour. Center is centre. Honor is honour.

Things I love...My favorite things. Well, not being a person who can think of things I like, I'll tell of the things I loathe. Reality television. It's crap. I hate Madonna. WTF was so great about her? I hate musicals. Who on earth really goes around singing everything they say? I hate, and I mean HATE parrots and exotic birds. And geese too. More on that lata tho. (Long stories there) And I'm also not that big a fan of Molly Ringwald. Why do you ask? Because VH1 goes ON and ON about her and how great she was/is. Just pisses me off. Plus, that guy that goes, "I'da given my left nut to be with Molly Ringwald," doesn't help the cause of MW much either. And I also really cannot stand wearing dresses. Ugh. Spring Formal was like the worst night of my life. Stupid dress. Earned the perky nickname of Cinderella. Who wants that? I rather be...Stripperella. Juust kidding. Shockingly, Pam Anderson doesn't bother me that much. And, I really really hate heavy metal. It's soooo horrid!!

Ok, so now that you know what I hate...everything that wasn't on that list, I like pretty much.

Well...I gots to be goin..Ciao, dahhhlings!!!! *MUAH*

~Blonde Chica~*

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