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I should have said something months ago, but at the moment I'm currently in the lovely Queenstown, NZ. I'm living here at the moment, and only have access to a computer very rarely. HOWEVER, today my parents arrive from Aus, and with them they're bringing my laptop. SO I'm hoping to be able to update very soon. I'm sorry, I know that I'm constantly leaving things at a loose end - it's the story of my life. But for anyone still hanging on, upates soon. I promise.

Things to do today...

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4. Practice being more spontaneous and natural

About me:

I have an affinty for Coldplay

And maximum respect for all things NZ MC Scribe

I cook and eat a lot of pasta

I live in Brisbane, near the mighty Brisbane river

where I plan to run everyday

I like to think I am a healthy person

I am not a healthy person

I like words

I swear too much

My car is called Jack, and he is a temperamental bastard

I love music

And food

And anything to do with Michael Moore or Wil Anderson

I am a Belle of the clan McBell and I am immortal...


The story of young rugby player Rabbit Warren, and recovering drug addict Savannah Mitchell. They met while he was helping the community. She hated him. They’re complete opposites. That’s why they’re attracted. Rabbit wants Savannah in his life more than anything, but she keeps pushing him away. Why? What does she have to hide?

Splintered Tears:
The sequel to Anyone but Me. Hailey and Ben are the two most confused individuals in the whole of Brisbane. They have no idea what they want, except that they want each other. But can they even manage that, what with Liam's drug habbits, Hailey's family and Gigia's wooden spoon? finished

Jesse McGinnis is your perfect country boy. Shy, quiet, brooding and mysterious, he's had more interaction with cattle than he's had with females. His station in the outback is hit hard by drought, and money is becoming a problem. Chloe Swan is outgoing, loud, obnoxious, blunt and a party animal. She's also a famous actress. They want to shoot a movie on the station, starring Chloe. It'll will solve the McGinnis's money problems, but will it solve Jesse's heartache?

Whenever it Rains:
The THIRD, yes that's right, THIRD story in the Hailey and Ben saga. Ben is outgoing, outspoken and funny as all hell. He's been in love with Hailey since the first time he saw her on the bus. Hailey's unlucky in love - Just ask Nathan or Lochlan. Ben wants to marry her. Between Liam's birthday, waring best friends and Gigia's new boyfriend, will they make it to the alter?

Romeo and Juliet Revisited:
Bryony StClair and Quinn Carter used to be the best of friends. But High School changed that.Thentherewas only hate, and that was the way it was always going to be.But school is nearly over, and times are changing again. A mutual friend, the one thing they have in common, gets sick. To be there for Mark, Quinn and Bryony need to get over their own problems. What do you do when everything you thought you knew about a person isn't true at all? What can you say to someone you realise you know nothing about? A story about changing times, relationships, and an only lovesprung from an only hate.

11/8/06: I'm back! Finally. Most of you who are reading one of my stories have probably given up by now, and I don't blame you. I took forever. But I'm in my second year of uni now, and I've almost got my balancing act downpat, so I am determined to finish all the stories on here. I've got four on the go at the moment - which is terrible, but I'm going to try my best to update them all as regularly as I can. If you want to help me out, REVIEW!!!! Please! Getting reviews means so much to me - even if just to let me know that someone is reading. That would be sweet.

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ok, new chaper is here. i make no promises on the next one since this one took so long. sorry. its in aprils pov. hope you enjoy. btw, when you see a random tc it means time change. it wasnt uploading my breaks in the page. thanks!
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Miles reviews
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We've been through enough already. We don't need anymore rain. But life isn't fair. We've learnt that. I can learn to take most things that are thrown at me, but there's one thing I can't - I can't lose Ben. After everything, I couldn't handle that
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When footballer Rabbit Warren is dragged along to the Tyler Centre to visit with the patients there, the last thing he expects is to meet someone like Savannah. She's everything he never wanted in a girl, but he's attracted to her anyway.
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Ben's life is perfect. He's in the band and he finally got the girl. Then it all started to fall apart. Liam's doing drugs, Jared's seriously injured and Ben's given all this responsability. He's pushing away the one person who can help him - Hailey
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This is a about the guy, (or girl) that no one notices. Every school has one. You know, the guy that you don't notice, the one who's name you don't even know. Well I looked around today, and saw that guy, and wondered what it would be like to be him.
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